Art: first potrait...hoping not the last one :D

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    first potrait...hoping not the last one :D

    Hallo guys,as I saw your stuff here I got some frustration for showing mine...Glad there are so many talents around the world!Well,I posted something last year,but didn't seriously continue.Now this is the first portrait I did on Photoshop with a tablet.And the first portrait I'm doing for years.Honestly, portraits have never been my favorite subject,but it's so good for excercising the skills.I'd like if you could give me some hints.I'm gonna post some more later!
    Thanx guys

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    Hey not bad! Definitely good work for your first portrait. Seems like you even have some nice interplay of warm and cool colors going on there.

    The overall drawing is well done, although the placement of some features is off, most noticeably the mouth (too low) and the left eye (too far to the left).

    To spot this sorta thing, what i do is flip the image horizontally as i work, this'll give you a fresh viewpoint and point out your errors fairly quickly.

    Also, i have a feeling this was done from a photograph, try to work from life, it's hard but it's much more rewarding.

    Again good job, and don't get discouraged!

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    This is not from a photo,a friend posed for me.That's why it was a bit hard flipping the image.Hard is also the girl has actually quite beautiful but difficul features- she's european but has these strange asian eyes.So I did some sketches first,to try catching her character. I will post them.On Saturday I have a new model,so hope it would be better!
    Take care!

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  5. He means flip your own image, the one you are creating digitally. Do it now with this to see what he means.

    When I work from life (non digitally) I use a mirror to achieve the same thing.

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    me again:)

    Thanx for the advises,guys!Well....obviously I need some more practise.I've done this thing with flipping,in Photoshop and with mirror too.The trouble is I don't really have the proper technique.I actually always start from back to the beginning-especially with portraits I start with the left eye...since a child.So all the teachers I've had teached me different techniques,I never really understood which one is the proper and is there a proper technique even,or it's artistic intuition.
    Now this is a quick sketch of the girl who posed for me.

    yep....the hand is awful

    and this is some character design. It's a bit old (as I'm a bit lazy),and I'm not sure if this is the proper thread to post it. But I'd really like some of your opinion!

    Thanx ,guys!

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    hey artenemy, that sketch of the girl looks very nice, the i really like the hands in particular, however, like in the previous one, the left eye seems too far off to the left.

    you should try drawing by capturing the gesture of the figure first (action line), the build on top of that and then place your features on top of that, so that by you time you get to the nose, mouth, etc, you already know where to place them accurately.

    Your creature looks nice that cross between a crocodile and a shark? hehe. Anyway, keep on going and dont get discouraged!

    PS. Thanks for your comments on my thread

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    nice work..hmm dont start with the left eye!! hehe
    focus on the big mases first..the head(skull) then the face ,then the features..i know is hard because we tend to be atracted by them..but try to see the masses around the features...think of them as geometric planes..and then just put the features at last..,,as many here do..look for old master portrait drawings and try to emulate their approach..they will be your real teachers..good luck and keep posting

    my new site, is crazy stuff but is my own space, I can say whatever!! hehe:
    One of the art schools I respect the most:
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    Thanx,for the comments ,guys!
    the_allejo05, yes,I'm trying to start by figuring out the forms now!It's interesting how it actually happens on its own! I mean, every next portrait gets a little better than the previous one! I'm doing a new one now. I saw your stuff - looks really nice!I'd have to take some time to see it all!
    panchosimpson, thanx for your comments too!I love your sketches ,man!Do u have any character designs?That would be really interesting!

    Here are some recent sketches of my little baby puppy, Moris-he's a french bulldog.I wonder if there is a way to post smaller images here,cause I can't find the trick...

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    wow man those last sketches are kickass! I've been drawing my cats for awhile now and I know how hard it is to draw animals, but man, these are much better than anything I've been able to come up with!

    unfortunately I haven't done any character sketches in a loooong time, but i guess i will have to start again once i start doing animation again!

    If you're interested, here are some character designs I did like 2 years ago (note on the site i'm referred to as Alex Hurtado)

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    nice studies of your caught the character and the way he is sleeping is beautiful..just keep practicing that eye will get better in no time..I would love to see some of your oil paintings ..keep working

    my new site, is crazy stuff but is my own space, I can say whatever!! hehe:
    One of the art schools I respect the most:
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    hey guys,thanx for replies!
    Panchosimpson-I saw your characters-nice stuff!Alien mood!
    Allejo,as it concerns to oil paintings-I really don't have anything new since the last 2 years.Now as I got a tablet,I use only it,for bad or for good!
    Here I put the second portrait I did.
    First some...ugly sketches....

    that's a little bit of an alien mood too!Hahahah!See what happend when working only digitally....
    And here's the official one!At least I think it's better than the first one!

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    I tried posting in another one,but noone's interested of me there

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