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Thread: Probably dumb question, but need to know

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    Question Probably dumb question, but need to know

    I am helping my wife set up a web page to sell her paintings.

    I cannot figure out how to display the dimensions.

    Is it width X height or height X width?

    I've visited several gallery and museum sites and seen it both ways.

    Is it like book labels, where some parts of the world do it one way and others the opposite?

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    In the USA at least if you ever look at dimensions in a professional setting (this goes for all dimensions in any field) it is always width x height.
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    Just out of habit, I usually put the shorter dimension first because it sounds more natural. As long as you're displaying the image people should be able to figure it out.

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    My biggest concern, was being dismissed by knowledgeable buyers-

    "This lady calls herself an artist but doesn't even know how to display dimensions. Was she sleeping through ART 101?"

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    There are no standards for this sort of thing, estes. The people buying the art are likely to have as little idea about the "right" way to do any of this as you. The quality of the art is what is most important.

    When in doubt, you can always say 16 inches wide by bla.
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    It doesn't really matter to be honest, it's the same size of canvas either way. I'd probably go with width x height personally, just cause that's how a computer resolution is described, but when they look at the work they'll know how it's orientated and so will know what the smaller size is

    Oh, and there's no such thing as a dumb question. Asking questions is how we learn more, which is always a smart thing to do
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