Spartan Training Camp #3 - 50 gestures + Value study + Drapery study

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    Spartan Training Camp #3 - 50 gestures + Value study + Drapery study

    This week the aim is:

    Produce 50 gestures and a one hour value/lighting study and a drapery study by the end of Saturday the 14th of July (your local time).
    Register to join the troops below!

    The gestures can be of anything, old men, feet, hands, paws, claws, robots, flying nuns, animals etc.

    Please limit your value study to an hour. If you wish to refine it, post a one hour snap shot and then a final. It can be of anything you want, from as simple as an egg to a complex enviro.

    The drapery study will be of a cloth or clothing item of your choice, draped loosely over the back of a chair or table edge. See page one of Fred Flickstone's tutorial if you feel lost.

    Again, please put all your pics in the one post for ease of viewing.

    This exercise is separate from last weeks'.

    HALL OF FAME (Training Camp #2)

    Soldiers who have been sucessful in completing all tasks from Training camp #2 are:


    (pssst, some of you out there only need to post your value study and might make the list )

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