The 'See Scripts' library contains 20 individual scripts which have been developed as a set of tools to aid in evaluating relative tonal values, texture, and some aspects of image composition.

To ensure that the scripts do not change your original artwork (and also to allow for direct comparison with the original), the scripts automatically create a clone of your image, and subsequent processing is performed only on the clone.

Virtually all the scripts initially de-saturate the color from your original composition and then process and present the resulting grayscale values in various ways for evaluation and comparison with the original. For example, the 'See 3 Lev.V Posterized' script enables you to estimate the percentages of lights, darks and mid-tones in your image.

Several of the scripts will also provide a mirrored orientation of the original, whilst another will automatically place a color filter (using the currently selected color in the Colors palette/section) over the image clone. A final script has been added to reveal textural detail from the original image.

Once the script library is loaded (it can even be made the default library and individual scripts may be copied to other script libraries), using the scripts is quick and simple. This makes them ideal for use in conjunction with work in progress.

Another advantage is that the cloned/processed image may be zoomed in and out, independently of the original art work.

The scripts of available in both Mac and PC formats, and can be downloaded from here.

Please let me know if the PC version loads OK, as I have only tested that version in PC emulation mode. A comprehensive FAQ (with instructions on loading) is included in the download folder.