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Thread: Red-Eyed Robot

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    Red-Eyed Robot

    Firstly, I didn't watch the Transformers movie and I'm not interested in watching it, the idea to do this came from seeing the trailer. I never liked robots even as a kid but after seeing the trailer i suddenly thought: "these robot designs are cool". So with absolutely no references I started to paint that. Its also the first time i do that digitally (and with the mouse, no tablet, GOD! I hate that mouse NOW! ^^)

    crits welcome, specially about the metallic feeling (dont be to hard on the top of the head, I was bored and just wanted to make it more "postable")

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    First off I'd say don't bother with digital until you get a tablet. IMO you'd learn more from value studies with pencil and paper more than mouse and digi, plus you'd be learning a way of painting that would lead you nowhere PLUS you need to know how to shade before you colour properly etc etc etc.

    Second, it LOOKS like (emphasis on looks) you used the smudge tool on certain parts. I find it's harder to control, and would reccomend doing your blending with brushes only.

    Overall I see it as metallic, but the fact that some of it is really soft and 'blobby' takes away from it. I think there's should defenitely be some red light inside his sockets and reflected on some of his face, and overall there should be a dominant colour(s) in the metal, because it's rare someone is hit with pure white light in an environment with completely nuetral colours.

    Overall looking pretty good. Just remember big eyes and small chins are less masculine, so you may want to broaden/elongate his lower head parts.
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    Now that my shock has slightly subsided, I'll comment. So far the image is pretty nice but the shading could be a blended a little better. And the sharp, long things near the mouth are all at different angles. They would benefit from at least following a pattern in the angles.
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