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    Vampyric anatomical research case (and other work)

    Hey, here is my most recent work. i dont boast any particular sculpting ability but love making these. They take a long time to put together but its well worth the slog:

    Vampyric anatomical/biological research case

    Called upon to look into the supposed demonic possession of a small child, bled to death whilst sleeping, an unnamed cleric found evidence of an all together more natural cause of death. A bite, where the murderer had drained the body of all fluid. Baffled by this hideous mystery the cleric took it upon himself to understand this unknown species. His travel alter became his reliquery of artifacts, a place to house the evidence he found whilst on his travels. Throughout europe he travelled, tracing the roots of a dynasty unseen by man.
    Homo Wampyrus, an offshoot of Neanderthal man, driven into a nocturnal lifestyle by the marauding war monger race of humans. Forced to evolve and develop senses unknown to apes. Dependent on massive amounts of iron and protein, this species evolved a lust like no other.
    An aristocratic society, hidden behind wealth and a need for complete camouflage from their human cousins. Their traits could be inherited through a viral strain, prevelant in the mouth and blood. Now their reign would sweep through humanity, and crown the vampire as lord of all.
    but the cleric would not let this happen. Rejecting his god and religion, he turned to what he knew as a real threat to his kind. swore an oath to end this war. contained within this box is the tools of his trade, not a hunting kit, but a research vessel.

    The partial skull fragment of a Homo wampyrus, housed within a glass display dome
    optical aparatus. multi armed magnifying lense device, with extendable mirror and vice armatuer for examination of blood and bone fragments
    Foetal homo wampyrus. studying the spread of the vampiric strain
    blood samples taken from 7 newly infected humans
    slide comparison of human and vampiric blood
    test tubes -
    tissue sample
    silver nitrate and its properties
    spair tube
    glass specimen jars - garlic, various roots/samples
    dried plant samples, for supressing vampiric strain
    a dissecting kit within a metal tin
    a candle holder/spair candles wrapped in paper and string
    the teeth and blood from an ancient aristrocratic vampire, housed within a glass/brass box
    extensive notes and anatomical studies, spair examination tools, scissors/scalpels etc
    a small moleskine notebook, containing various notes/diagrams
    an enveloped holding a collection of daguerreotypes (early photographs)
    a bible, and a book of psalms, mere relics of his past belief. a large crucifix is still fixed in the rook of the box
    a map, with needles and thread plotting his first journey to find the roots of the species
    a picture of lady bathory
    various other peices you will discover yourself.

    Vampyric anatomical research case (and other work)
    Vampyric anatomical research case (and other work)
    Vampyric anatomical research case (and other work)
    Vampyric anatomical research case (and other work)

    Im currently selling this piece on ebay to raise funds for bigger projects, i also have completed various similar project, if you are at all interested in seeing them go here:

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    This is really cool. Unusual for this section, the found object sculptures are, but I like it. I'm an unrepentant packrat, myself, who's spent too way much time and money in antique stores, thrift stores, surplus stores and flea markets. The dense collection of materials, objects, information, and texture in a self-contained space is right up my alley. Joseph Cornell, Lucas Samaras, surrealist objects... nice....

    I checked your blog and enjoyed your drawings very much. I love it when 2D artists extend their vision into the 3D arena with these sorts of things. I also like their inclusion on the stage of readymades... fabricated things, found things, hand-made things... the mix is nice.

    One small crit though... the photography is lit a little... flourescently? I don't know if its flourenscent light or not, but the way you document the piece (and I know you're just trying to show us the items clearly) looks a little artificial and is sort of sending me out of the time period you're trying to capture. I don't know enough about photography to give the suggestion on how to fix this... the warm feel of the materials seems to be negated with the colder feel of the light. Whatever you used in the first shot seems to fit a little better.

    At any rate, its still a nice piece. Good luck with the sale!
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