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    animation schools

    hi there,
    i am a mature student studying for a degree in animation here in the UK. I was wondering if anyone had any infomation about going over to the USA to get my masters and how you would go about applying for fiance and everything, many thanks

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  3. I'm not entirely sure how many real masters programs there are in the US for animation. The only one that I'm familiar with is at The Ohio State University (link) in Columbus, Ohio. I'm sure there are others--that's just the only one that I know of. There are, however, an abundance of undergrad programs. A few you might look into if you decide that you'd like a 4-year degree instead of a 2-year degree might be The Ringling College of Art and Design, The Savannah College of Art and Design, or CalArts if you're interested in the 2D aspect.

    Best of luck with your search!

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    the best master's program I've seen (at least in terms of character animation) is UCLA's animation workshop (3 yr program).

    The place has been around forever (1947), has Glenn Vilppu as drawing instructor and consistently drops students into good industry positions.

    Recent grad Shane Acker got like an Emmy or something like that and got to work on Lord of the Rings while still at UCLA. And it's not like Acker is an isolated case either, other students are experiencing similar success

    the workshop


    on shane acker


    BTW, tuition is something like 7100 dollars for residents, 25,827.23 for non residents, not counting housing, but I'm sure you'll be able to take care of that. Good luck!

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    Texas A&M University

    Visualization Sciences, Texas A&M University.
    A very competitive masters program that has been around years.

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    Don't go to USC or UCLA for a animation masters. They're great if you want to take film classes and workshop from the live action portion of the school, but their animation programs are 'meh' at best. About half the students from both programs drop out due to dissatisfaction, the other half can't finish their degrees after 6+ years.

    If you are interested in character animation, fx animation or something aside from non-narrative experimental animation, these programs are not it. Nor do they help in developing core artistic skills unless you possess them already. On the other hand, if you'd like to become an independent animator who wants to make films for the Canada's National Film Boards, these are the programs to go to.

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    Could you suggest people who can create commercial video?

    Thank you

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