Art: The Big Acrylic Painting Thread
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    The Big Acrylic Painting Thread

    If I go to any search on the web for 'Acrylic tutorials' or 'Acrylic process', etc, I come up with about 1/4 as much info as I do oils. I do the same with oils and I find so much more content and learning material. I can find step by step process tutorials that actually help me, not like when I search for acrylics. I mean, even in CA, it's the same thing. We've got The Big Oil-Painting Thread but I haven't found an equivalent for acrylics (If there is one, please show me because I need all of the info that I can get).

    Well anyways, my main beef is that I can find tuts down to the brush stroke for oils sometimes, but mostly all I get for acrylics is, "First, I painted in the sky. I then painted in the water. Next I painted in the beach."
    Wow, thanks. =/ Along with other additional info like "Acrylics dry quickly. Get nice brushes. Work using layers."
    *vaguevaguevague* All the while.

    Anyways, are there any acrylic process vids out there? Just so I know how I should be starting a painting?

    Above was my original question for the threads original purpose: 'Acrylic Painting - Why less content?"
    Well I hope that will be rectified, I got a lot of helpful info from the great guys here and someone came up with the idea to make this the Big Acrylic Painting Thread, so here it is.

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