I have had to make a few tools myself because of the small size required. If you've ever worked on anything small, you quickly realize there isn't much on the open market you can use.

I've taken both fine steel wire and sewing needles and flattened them with a block and hammer, then shaped them with fine rotary polishing pins and emery paper (look at Rio Grande: http://www.riogrande.com/Product/sil.../332700?Pos=11). If I was working at a 25mm scale, I'd probably need even better magnification and finer tools to craft what I wanted. I'll mount them in brass tubes with epoxy. Not fancy, but effective.

I found a very nice lady who specializes in creating sculpture tools for others. She will work with you to create the paddle and pick tools you may need. All I need to do is give her a drawing and size specifications, and she does the rest. And she uses nice handles, which is pretty awesome.

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