Okey, hello there everyone, I sincereley HOPE I'am posting this in the section of this forums, I'am now facing a quiete hard decission and I would gladly need some creative inspiration and criticism abuot my upcoming tatoo I'am taking..

Im from sweden and I'am now taking my first tattoo EVER. and my last name is forest, I had an idea about like a rainforest or some kind of an beautiful green forest that were quite detailed with leaves and all that kind of stuff, It will also include a rather big branch in the picture coming out evolving from a tree wich is formed as my last name: Forest.

I would apriciate any kind of inspiration, a picture of a forest you like, or even an own drawing of one, could be just pure black/white collored or with all kinds of colours, everything is apriciated

Well, I hope that someone would like to help me out with this tatoo, since afterall I will have it on my back for some time.

Kind regards Martin Forest!