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    Hey Guys,

    Here's a piece that I've just wrapped up for a deadline that I've got. It's at a point that I'm happy presenting, but I still think it can go A LOT farther. Any and all crits are welcome.

    I plan on moving thing into color, but I wanted to show you where it was. Enjoy!

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    my strongest crit that's bugging the hell outta me is the right soldier's left hand, waaay too small.

    everything else is style choice. i don't have a crit for that.

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    The soldier's faces are really bothering me....

    For the closest one, I'm fairly certain the main problem is how you've shaded his right (our left) cheek. Cheeks are rounded forms, so the edge, where it curves into shadow, should be soft, but you have a highlight and a rather hard edge there. The highlight should be somewhere in the middle, or closer to the right side of the picture, right after the shadow cast by his nose, not at the edge of his cheek.

    Also, the helmets on the two soldiers heads look different. The edge of the helmet casts a small shadow near the soldiers left (our right) eye, and with the way you drew the bottom of the helmet it looks like the edge flap things come forward. On the farther back soldier though, the edge flap things are much farther back from his face, so you don't even see the opposite side of his helmet (which is a really tough call, because it kinda looks like you should be able to see at least a little bit of it, from how it sticks out).

    Also, the guy in the back either has super-crazy cheekbones, or is crazy emancipated (and the side we see is NOT that emancipated). Try filling out the rest of his face outline a bit, and get some reference for that.

    Last couple things: the guns are looking a bit amorphous, with so many highlights you're loosing you're surface color. Check here for more info on surface color and conserving highlights. Remember, metal has small, fairly tight specular highlights, and the sides of his gun should be largely flat, discounting grooves. You might want some gun reference too.

    Last thing, although it can be viewed as a stylistic choice, the building in the background does not match the perspective of the rest of the image.

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    Here's what I think;

    -Back soldier left shoulder; seems out of place, and there's a big rounded shape below the shoulderplate of which I'm not sure what it is.
    -Guns; perspective not right. Top part of the front gun seems to be viewed normally, but the lower part is viewed from below, like the rest of the pic. It's also reflected by the way he's holding his hand. The gun in the back has the same, it seems to be bent. Make sure you use straight lines and a good perspective on the guns, think you drew them freehand?
    -Layers; I assume the different elements (bg, soldiers, monsters) are drawn on different layers. Make sure they do well together, sometimes there are really strong contrasts, and sometimes the different textures blend into each other.
    -Buildings; big building's right side has depth, but the part in the back looks really thin. The top of the building is a bit straight. You wouldn't expect it to have such a clean line since it's made up from big blocks of stone. I also think the building on the left draws your attention a little too much into that corner.
    -Double check your light source, think there are a few inconsistencies. I'd also say the buildings are a little too black. Black tends to flatten your image.
    -Also, watch for tangent points. For example, the big monsters right leg lining up perfectly with the opening in the building behind him, and the front soldier's weapon and elbow meeting with the edge of your canvas.

    Hope that wasn't too harsh, remember I'm not much of an expert myself, just my 2 cents. Hope this was useful!

    I like the perspective and composition, really captures the ambush mood. Not sure how it would look in color, are you planning to color it?

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    Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts's weird...i agree and i disagree with these helpful crits (really awesome crits btw guys)

    mostly because this pic borderlines on comical magazine illustration and realism. i kinda like the faces, reminds me of old gestapo propaganda posters, heh. not realistic, but they certainly have a personality all their own.

    screwing with perspective often leads to an almost psychedelic way of viewing the world, although somethings must be solidified like the character's hand sizes. the buildings in this respect fit with that comical overtone. they are not real, but seem like movie set cutouts. to me that's very funny, it "works" for me.

    it's not real, but is it wrong? that's what you have to ask yourself sometimes.

    my suggestion then comes down to pushing either style choice. what's this for btw?

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