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    Hey all this is looking really nice..although i think when you design your characters your thinking a lot about the anatomy aspect of that character....which is fantastic...but sometimes its nice to just Go wit The Flow...and construct your character with the clothes they are wearing...while keeping in mind what there figure would be like under this...this ofcourse is not always to go about an image...but can be good for certain things.

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    loved your sb, those sylos are cool.


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    yoyo! nice stuff in here, and theres a lot of improvement as well! u doing an art education or is it all self learned? keep doing thisa stuff and surprise me with more interestign stuff

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    methinks you are getting better, yes.

    your use of color ROCKS
    ... DO IT MORE OFTEN. Not that I don't love your sketches...

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    Hey guys! been a long time since ive posted something here. was busy setting up my portfolio. lol anyways...

    prophet - yeah, sometimes i think of anatomy too much. i need to be more loose with my process. surely, something i need to think about. *salutes*

    Sony - thanks man. i want to work with these silhouettes. maybe ill try to make rendered version for one of each haha yes im crazy.

    ajvenema - i go to art institute of california - oc, but evrything i do is selftaught. i also learn from my fellow conceptartists. and all we do is draw all day. fell free to visit our forums

    LauraD - awwww thanks. yes me promise to do it more.

    and to evryone, thank you!
    feel free to visit

    [IMG]the prophet's message[/IMG]

    [IMG]the prophet's message[/IMG]

    [IMG]the prophet's message[/IMG]

    ill posting a lot of stuffs pretty soon. for now heres what i can post
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    Hey there! It's the person sitting next to you from Marshall's seminar on Friday. It was nice to meet you!
    You have an awesome sketchbook going on (update more!) and I love the concepts and the improvement from page 1 to 2... Nice thumbnails and creatures / mecha designs!
    Keep us updated!

    Edit: I just noticed-- Tekkon Kinkreet icon! Extra points for you!

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