someone asked me to start doodling around with massive comic book hero/villain proportions. i.e. if loomis' heroic figures are about 8 heads tall, these are going to need to be about 10 heads tall and 5 wide.

i've got another couple in progress. but here's the one i scribbled out earlier tonight. my process is pretty simple--silhouette doodling in painter 9, then print it out and use prismacolor and drafting vellum to draw over the silhouette. the vellum i use is called duralar--prismacolor erases from it cleanly.

i need to work on my foot drawing from imagination... most characters have some kind of footwear, so it's not that big of a deal since i understand the masses. but still... i'm kind of annoyed at myself for not finishing it off like i should.

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Voraz thanks for looking, man. the class i'm taking demands a lot of painting in sketchbooks, so there will hopefully be a lot more updates.