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  1. College Portfolio Class at Bridgeview.

    We have weekend and weekday evening College Portfolio Classes. We get great results with college acceptances and scholarships. Pratt, Cornell, Ringling, FIT, Parsons and others. This work is by a...
  2. and some more work from Bridgeview students of...

    and some more work from Bridgeview students of Iliya Mirochnik. Paintings.
  3. Bridgeview School of Fine Arts NYC - Russian Tradition

    I apologize for not writing here for the longest time. I know many of you have been interested in going to Russia to study at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts. Now in NYC we have a recent honors...
  4. Bridgeview School of Fine Arts NYC - Russian Tradition

    15 years in business in New York. Teachers from Russia and Eastern Europe. Classical drawing, anatomy, painting. Also specializing in Portfolio Preparation for Colleges. Major scholarships awarded to...
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    Portrait and Figure Drawing class begins again

    We are starting this class again at the Bridgeview School on Sept. 24. 12 weeks, tuition $420. Anyone interested, contact the school at
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    SketchBook: newer portrait

    Portrait of a 12 year old girl.
  7. my non-objective feedback

    The League is excellent for those who are already skillful and just need studio space. It is the cheapest places of all and it has a huge variety of classes, access to live models etc. But you pay...
  8. Winter semester just began

    Our Winter semester is 12 weeks and goes through the end of March. There is a space for 2 students to join. The class meets on Saturdays 3.30 - 6.30 pm. Tuition is $420 for 12 weeks.

    This semester...
  9. a few latest pieces from students

    College Portfolio students work from the Fall 2011 semester. The male figure drawing is by a 12 year old Sasha Miasnikova. The other one is a self-portrait by Pilita Kuan.
  10. armenians at the academy

    There was an American-Armenian guy who recently graduated. He is back in the US, has a website

    I remember seeing him when I was there. He was at the...
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    SketchBook: painted my neighbor

    girl in white dress
  12. glazunov academy

    I am not sure that this link takes you directly to the Glazunov Academy thread.

    If not, just go down to the seventh one down with...
  13. my opinion about schools

    It all depends what your goal is. If someone just wants to learn in a short period of time how to effectively draw comic strip or to get into gaming, these schools are fine.

    Even with all their...
  14. Glazunov Academy album

    Here is student work from the Glazunov Academy. Someone actually took a lot of time and effort to compile this album of 350 photos from various sources. I hope you can open it...
  15. another good school

    Another good school is Glazunov in Moscow. There is a new thread with photos from that school which I would dare to say, demonstrates a higher level of technical and artistic mastery from the...
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    another russian drawing

    Michelangelo's slave
  17. college portfolio students' work

    More work by Bridgview high school students enrolled in college portfolio class.
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    New Workshop scheduled for the Summer. July 18...

    New Workshop scheduled for the Summer.

    July 18 - 22
    It's a little different this time. In the morning students will study the human figure by sketching from the Greek and Roman sculptures at the...
  19. Summer College Portfolio Classes

    We will have a more intensive Summer Session for the College Portfolio Class. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the months of July and August, 1.30 - 4.30 pm Cost is very reasonable, $350 per month. ...
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    SketchBook: 2 days on this one before they died

    Red Roses
  21. surviving

    Threecharles, it's a valid issue for the US, Europe might be different, I don't know.

    But here you have to be either the best of the best in terms of skills, and even that just guarantees you some...
  22. Liberace

    They don't camp any more for his classes, the economy is not the same, hence less demand, even though the Art League of Alexandria is dirt cheap.
  23. workshops

    Threecharles: I think I saw something about you taking Liberace's workshop on Facebook. Also, someone in Realism vs Construction thread mentioned that they tried to raise money to come to VA to study...
  24. Book Guru: "The only regret the Academy has...

    Book Guru:

    "The only regret the Academy has expressed was.... there is NO ONE APPLICATION from the USA or Canada."

    That's sad, but totally expected. It's funny but I told this to Ivan Isakovich...
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    SketchBook: portrait of a 9 year old

    3 sittings on this one
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