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  1. Sticky: Light source through colored surface

    But Briggsy, there is still one thing I don't quite understand yet.
    I asked the question about light shining through a transparent colored cover, like plastic or glass, before; so I know what...
  2. Sticky: Thank You

    Thank You man, I really think You are the best.
    I am sorry I am getting all easy now, but I would just like to express how fortunate I feel I am to know You; to have found out about Your knowledge...
  3. Sticky: This is where I feel like I am missing something....

    This is where I feel like I am missing something.
    In Your table we have for example 25% Radiance becoming 54% Brightness. (?)
    However 25*0.45 = 11.25; and for the next one 11.11*0.45 = 4.9995.

  4. Sticky: Non-Linear Brightness and Luminance

    Dear Briggsy,

    As of now I still can't quiet understand one thing: The Conversion You did in Your two tables (for inclination angle and point source distance) from radiance to non-linear...
  5. Thank You

    Briggsy: Thank You, Your answer is always spot on, exactly what I was looking for. And that book You mentioned definitely looks interesting, I should give it a read.

    Arenhaus: Thank You for...
  6. What exactly is the difference between the specular reflection of a mirror, water...

    Hey, it's me again.

    I only recently started to see what Briggsy (a member of this forum, and creator of meant, when he said, that specular reflection is not just determined...
  7. Replies

    For me it's to inspire others. To create...

    For me it's to inspire others.
    To create something, that hasn't been there before, something that will make the viewer feel amazed, and captured.
    Something they will remember, something they might...
  8. I got it

    Thank You everyone, for Your patience and help. :)

    I already got it by myself a while ago and actually posted a lengthy reply going into more detail of my understanding and how I finally got it,...
  9. I GOT IT

    I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!!! OH MY GOD!! :hugsmile:

    I understood it by myself now, by making schematic views of different situations. Comparing what exactly happens differently between a mirror and a...
  10. A little confused about replies

    First of all, thank You for all the replies and interest, guys. =)

    Okay, but either I am not understanding everyones answers in reply to my question, or maybe I over-complicated my question. lol
  11. How exactly does the reflection of color off surfaces onto other surfaces work?

    We know that the color of surfaces can be reflected onto other surfaces, seemingly dependant (from my observation) on strength of light, closeness of surface to the other surface, and...
  12. What exactly happens, when light is shining through a colored transparent cover?

    Okay, basically I have a lot more questions about light, but I don't want to bother everyone here all the time, and try to find out most things by myself, or own explanations.

    What led me to this...
  13. Thanks!

    Oh my god, thanks. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction everyone.
    And I LOVE that website, spot on explanations jetpack42, and beautifully illustrated.
    That's how tutorials should be, with...
  14. Question about Values and how light could create Gradiation?

    I learned about the half-way to black rule of thumb and value scales a while ago, and just kept using it, accepting it.
    I learned about it from the Scott Robertson DVD's.

    And when the surface...
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