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    Art: Thanks for comments

    Wow these are some great comments from everyone. I 'm glad people are enjoying my crab. I apologize for not explaining why it looks the way it does. It's very intresting how much the big saggy boobs...
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    Art: my crab suit of armor

    This is my first post in the finished section . This is a project I just finished for school.
  3. SketchBook: Big drop

    Side-show-bob- thanks for all your great comments. I noticed you are making great improvments in your sketchbook thread keep it up!
    Charcoal artist- Thanks I'll try and get more work posted
  4. SketchBook: whats up

    Damn charlie its been awhile your drawings are looking fine. You seem to be really refining your pencils. Your observational drawing is making huge strides keep up the good work. I'm putting togather...
  5. SketchBook: Right on!!

    Charlie nice update. Your pencils are starting to match your ball points damn!! The portrait of your teacher is my new fav I love the subtleness of line you are really able to capture...
  6. SketchBook: A small update for today. one more study that I...

    A small update for today. one more study that I forgot to post yesterday. and an older unfinished painting that I thought I would share.Thanks to all who look and cooment....
  7. SketchBook: these are some really fine brush work.Speed seems...

    these are some really fine brush work.Speed seems to be a strentgh for you. Thanks for sharing these. Also could recomend a good brush pen or a specific brand that works best?
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    SketchBook: Great start I enjoy the line work on the...

    Great start I enjoy the line work on the portrait. Are you drawing on a tablet? The only crit I have for right now is maybe some more contrast and a little changes in line weight to really bring out...
  9. SketchBook: Great work I just spent some quailty time on your...

    Great work I just spent some quailty time on your sketch dump. You've got alot great ideas and nice drawings going on.Have you ever thought going back and redoing some of your older ideas Your...
  10. SketchBook: Damn your work is lookin good. I love that peice...

    Damn your work is lookin good. I love that peice with the red pencil the armor design kicks ass.Your rendering and compostion is really strong Thanks these are very insperational
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    SketchBook: Amazing drawings I especially like the ones with...

    Amazing drawings I especially like the ones with the seruat feel. Very atmosphereic and the lighting is on point thanks for sharing. What is the scale of the gouche peices they really feel real.
  12. SketchBook: update-11/28/04

    First I start saying the overall quality of work produced by everyone hear has improved greatly since I started posting.Everyone keep it up Sorry it took me so long to reply my last year of school...
  13. SketchBook: todays update

    I'm adding some new stuff from my new sketchbook. So far I'm pretty happy with some of the new work. There's six new peices.

    Jokisalo-thanks for your comments they are encouraging.I drawing them...
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    SketchBook: Damn!!

    this thread has got some sweetness I will definetly be back!! Love the gestures and the smooth pencil renderings.Great work!!
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    SketchBook: Heads

    Damn structure!! -We should all take lessons from you on how to draw heads.These studies are amazing your defintley figureing everything out.I especially like the two eyeball studies in the upper...
  16. SketchBook: Nice Gestures

    Your geatures are looking good.Try to build more from the inside out. That colored peice kicks ass your definetly improving.
  17. SketchBook: Charlie I like where the Wip is going the...

    Charlie I like where the Wip is going the compostion is looking sharp.I love the Hans style blaster pose its right on.Be careful not to work into them to much then you lose of of your fab line...
  18. SketchBook: little update

    Hey thanks to all who commented its nice to know people are looking at my thread.

    Ilja-Thanks for the great comment I don't know shit about the star rating here. I'm glad to be surrounded by such...
  19. SketchBook: great work

    Your studies and drawings always impress me.Everything always has so much clarity.My fav is the peice you posted on the feb-28. I love the slight color and movment in the robots. Are you working from...
  20. SketchBook: Hi charlie

    More great work from you I'm not surprised I wish we all could some where warm to draw during the winter.Time to be serious- I love the prime minister he looks like slimey politician.My fav is the...
  21. SketchBook: great work

    wOW I also give you a high star rating. These are some really nice drawings. Your sense of the overall compostion and form are right on. also I really enjoy your use of lighting. the nazi characters...
  22. SketchBook: hello

    This is todays update a few WIPS and a sketchbook page.The first three are all drawn in painter and pHOTSHOP and the last one is pen and photoshop. I'm trying to make them look kinda of graphic and...
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    SketchBook: Damn adding your own drawing in another drawing...

    Damn adding your own drawing in another drawing very subtle yet very effective. Your colors are so luscious and vibrant. Great work more portraits please!
  24. SketchBook: great work

    Your gesture on these is very strong.the movement is very evident.As usual
    your drawings on the toned paper are right on. Do you use conte crayon when you draw?
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    SketchBook: wow!!

    your work has always inspired me and so many others. Your compostions and pencils seem effortless and natural.My only question is do you spary your drawings when your done how do maintain that...
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