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    Art: New Work for Solo Show

    Here's the new work for a show that's currently up in LA @ LeBasse Projects in LA, California. Check them out if you're interested in seeing the originals.

    All work is Acrylic on Watercolor...
  2. Art: Uli: You have it exactly. OKay, here is the...

    Uli: You have it exactly.

    OKay, here is the method applied to a group portrait I have just finished and I've included it for those of you who have asked me about the versatility of the method....
  3. Art: Spawn : Architects of Fear (+ sketches) / Magic / Reverie

    Hi all !
    "Long time no see."
    Too much stuff and work this last months and not really present on the board and the internet.
    I've finally got something new to show especially since the release...
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    Art: New website and artwork

    Hi all,

    it's been a while since posting. A lot has happened around here, good to see that. I just wanted to share some new concept work and my newly updated website.

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