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  1. UPDATE: Video Game Art Director & Tech. Director

    We are looking for the following people:

    ART DIRECTOR - starting salary of $75K/year (negotiable) + Per Diem

    TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - starting salary of $80K/year (negotiable) + Per Diem

  2. Romanticize This

    hei everyone...sorry if you feel like I'm supporting this guys attempt to pay slave wages for a shelf-quality comic...I'm absolutely not supporting it, but what I'm trying to say is that there are...
  3. Good Insight

    hei everyone...thanks for the solid information and insight regarding this situation...I've definitely learned from my own producing experiences that if you really want good quality work you should...
  4. Educate Him

    hei everyone...just curious...what would be a fair rate for this person to expect to pay? please, keep in mind that he is obviously not at the same level as Marvel or DC, so quoting him those types...
  5. NO MORE SUBMISSIONS: FREELANCE: DARK & STYLISH Concept Designer/Art Director Needed


    Thank you everyone...we are no longer accepting submissions...we will be trying to choose from the many talented artists who did submit over the next few days...if for some reason we...
  6. Replies


    hei...hi...just thought I would let everyone know that we have made our choices and will no longer be reviewing submissions...thanks again to everybody that contacted us with regards to this...
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    Hei...Hi...just wanted to stop in and say thank you very much to all of those who took the time to express their interest in my 3D animated horror project...there were many exceptionally talented...
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    Fantasy/Horror Designer Needed!!!

    Hei...Hi...I'm currently in development on my second feature film...the first project was a live action arthouse/horror piece which is just now starting to get some legs under investor has...
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