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    Batman Space Adventure

    A funny Batman parody cartoon done with claymation and a bit of CGI. Batman plans to head into space but once again Robin ends up being Batman's guinea pig!

  2. Art: David and Goliath Cartoon

    Our cartoon of David and Goliath done in a combination of clay animation and CGI, great for the whole family!
  3. Art: The Two Amoebas 3: Don't Be Frank

    The return of our cute, clay animated family friendly, Jim & Bob the two amoebas cartoon series. In this episode 3 Jim meets Frank who is seemingly a lot more positive than his pal Bob. But looks can...
  4. Art: Radioactive Potty Monster Claymation

    A funny little cartoon about guy stopping by a public restroom to see a radiation cleanup with silly reasons and results. Give it a watch for a laugh!

  5. Art: All Dogs Go To Heaven?

    An interesting claymation/cgi cartoon we created for a bands music video. Just putting it up to show some of our animation work for hire, contact us for yours if you like it :)

  6. Art: Clay Batman Cool Counsel & A Warm Beverage

    Batman teaches Robin a lesson and then they toss back a warm one! hehehehe!
  7. Art: Head Poppin Music Video Claymation

    Funny clay animated with CGI music video we did for a band!
  8. Art: Robin Plunges Toilets! Clay Batman, Robin, Captain America Fantasy Football!

    Robin Plunges Toilets! Clay Batman, Robin, Captain America Fantasy Football!
  9. Art: My Burning Hands Claymation
  10. Art: Wolf Man Claymation

    Clay Wolf claymation video we did for a customer music video. The wolf goes on a bit of a life journey, deals with some punks and eventually finds what he's looking for. It is more of a symbolic...
  11. Art: Charlie Butters Toilet Toothbrush Claymation

    Charlie Butters tired after a long day goes to get ready for bed in his bathroom. Washing his face, shaving and attempting to brush his teeth, but something bad happens. A funny claymation cartoon...
  12. Art: My claymation cartoon, battle, time travel, funny

    My finished claymation cartoon. Blue VS Green Clay Man Battle PART 2 (With Scientist). Th scientist lends a helping hand in this cartoon. After the last one as you may know the blue and green clay...
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