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  1. Hi Flatlux, Thanks for your interest. Our...

    Hi Flatlux,

    Thanks for your interest. Our Summer enrollment will start around end of April ~ beginning of May, 2014. We don't have the exact date announced yet and would recommend to sign up for...
  2. Last Minute Openings for Spring Term~!!

    Hi Everyone,

    We just got some new last minute openings for our Spring term classes.

    The semester have just started are this Monday and many classes have not started yet.

    Sign up soon and...
  3. Last week to sign up for Spring term at CDA~!!

    Semester starts on Monday, Feb. 3rd, 2014.

    Sign up soon and see you in class :)

    To sign up,...
  4. Last call for sign up for "Visual Development for Animation" with James Finch~!!

    Last call for sign up's for James Finch's "Visual Development for Animation" class~!!

    James is...
  5. "Intro to Character Design" with Jose Lopez - 1 spot remaining~!!

    Last spot remaining for Jose Lopez's "Intro to Character Design" class at CDA~!!

    Day & Time - Thursday,...
  6. "Human & Mech Design" workshop with Carlo Arellano on Feb. 15th~!!

    Carlo Arellano is back at CDA~!!

    Character Design 2 (10 week course)
    (Taught via teleconference with...
  7. CDA Spring 2014 Enrollment starts now~!!

    Our online store has just been opened for public enrollment. Please visit the link bellow to sign up :)

    Thanks for your interest~!!
  8. Concept Design Academy - Spring 2014 Brochure released today~!!
  9. Last 2 spots~!!

    Only last 2 spots remaining for the "Color & Composition" workshop with Robh Ruppel~!!

    Date - Dec. 7th
    Time - 2~7PM
    Location - Concept Design Academy
    55 Waverly Dr. Ste 104
    Pasadena, CA 91105...
  10. "Color & Composition" Workshop with Robh Ruppel on Dec. 7~!!

    "Color & Composition" Workshop with Robh Ruppel

    Starting on Dec. 7th, 2013, 2~7PM at Concept Design...
  11. "Color & Lighting" with Dan Cooper - Last call for enrollment~!!
  12. "Gouache Landscape Painting" Workshop starts tonight~!!

    Mike Hernandez's "Gouache Landscape Painting" Workshop is starting tonight (Friday) at 7PM to help...
  13. "Vis Dev for Animation" with Mike & Victoria - Last call for enrollment~!!

    Last call for portfolio submission for "Vis Dev for Animation" class~!!
  14. "Gouache Landscape Painting" with Mike Hernandez this weekend~!!

    Here is a step by step demo of Mike's painting process:
  15. "Intro to Vehicle Design" with John Frye - Last Call for Enrollment~!!
  16. "Modo for Concept Design" with Vaughan Ling - Last call of enrollment~!!

    Hi Everyone,

    We are announcing a last call of enrollment for "Modo for Concept Design" with Vaughan Ling.

  17. Last call for enrollment for "Intro to Matte Painting" with Bruno Werneck~!!

    Last call for enrollment for "Intro to Matte Painting" with Bruno Werneck~!!

    Next portfolio review is...
  19. "Zbrush Character Creation" with Ian Joyner~!!

    Ian Joyner doing a live demo for his "Zbrush Character Creation" class at CDA during the...
  20. In class demo samples from Jerad Marantz (Creature Design Course)

    Photoshop Sketching & Painting demos:
  21. "Creature Design" with Jerad Marantz~!!

    The class will start on Saturday, Oct. 5th, 2013.

    Spots are limited, so sign up soon~!!
  22. Here are a mix of both concept and Matte painting...

    Here are a mix of both concept and Matte painting art samples from Bruno Werneck, our instructor for "Intro to Matte Painting":...
  23. Replies

    Hi Fried, Here is a book that I would...

    Hi Fried,

    Here is a book that I would recommend on Dynamic Sketching:

    To Draw is to See

    Dynamic Sketching is a...
  24. *** New Class Introduction - "Intro to Matte Painting" with Bruno Werneck ***

    Hi Everyone,

    Just want to introduce a new class we will be having at CDA this Fall.

    "Intro to Matte...
  25. John Watkiss - Story Illustration Workshop Demos

    Here are some demo samples from John Watkiss' Illustration at CDA workshop this Summer.

    John went over some really great notes on designing color schemes and lighting options. The paintings...
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