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    SketchBook: I think you need to balance more the use of hard...

    I think you need to balance more the use of hard and soft edges, you use to much soft ones so your paintings loose some definition on the forms, I hope that makes sense.
  2. The UK Workshop: Supplies list! The "what do we bring?" thread.

    I have gotten some emails asking about supplies and wanted to share the answers here to make it easier for everyone.

    First, everyone will typically end up creating at the show. For those that...
  3. Art: thanks for all the opinions !!! This is...

    thanks for all the opinions !!!

    This is style I developed recently and i fell in love with it :) It's just so natural for me to make illustrations like this, so I'm sure that many of my future...
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    Sticky: SketchBook: Rules for Sketchbooks

    Rules for Sketchbooks:

    1) Being racy is fine, but please don't try to be offensive.
    2) Don't make "bogus" posts that are meant to "bump" your thread to the top of the list. We want art.
    3) When...
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