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    SketchBook: whoa dude i love your landscapes especially 1,2,...

    whoa dude i love your landscapes especially 1,2, and 4. they look really good to me. The size of your painting is way too large thought =P, great stuff! can't wait to practice digital when my tablet...
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    thank you for these tutorials i am sure we all...

    thank you for these tutorials i am sure we all are thankful for what you have shown.
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    i have no idea how they do this :) 7Jgkm2pdWgY

    i have no idea how they do this :)
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    3,129,058 ...
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    TAD and me

    Disappointing and unfortunate are the words that have come to mind about the recent drama and words bandied about regarding The Art Department. I have been involved in teaching for a decade on and...
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    The artistic community on this planet is not all...

    The artistic community on this planet is not all that big, it is always the same people you see everywhere.
    Having to deal with a lot of shit related to the work we do, the last thing we need is...
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    No CA is not becoming OBM. OBM is like a central...

    No CA is not becoming OBM. OBM is like a central hub for all the stuff. It is a different site. You will actually not even see it for now. The arts portion of the site will be called TheArtMobs. ...
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    hello 90210, theres has...

    hello 90210,

    theres has certainly been allot of communication and discussion on the past few days, I understand that many people are confused and have questions, and many of your...
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    I am just waking up to get a drink but I am very...

    I am just waking up to get a drink but I am very happy to see ca vibes happening again.

    I love the helpful crit feature...we can totally do that. Since things are positive, here is something to...
  11. Limited time only All Downloads, Streaming classes and Discovery are 33% OFF!!!

    Limited time starting today (June 6th) All downloadable tutorials, Streaming classes and the 5 week Discovery program is all 33% off!!

    Here are the links for the sale:
    Streaming and discovery:
  12. Do all of this before you agree to do the job....

    Do all of this before you agree to do the job. Get all of this in writing and don't start the job until you do. Reputable companies will always have you sign a contract and NDA before you start work....
  13. Main things to focus on: - You! What do you...

    Main things to focus on:

    - You!
    What do you want, need, expect. Put this on paper. Not when you are dealing with a company. NOW! This is your starting point.
    Know not only what you want, but...
  14. A Free Digital Painting tutorial by Alex Ruiz (1/3)

    Lately, I posted an interview with a very talented artist called Alex Ruiz up on my art blog ( and today, I posted one of 3 of digtal art tutorials that Alex had done...
  15. Free TAD online traditional and digital art workshop this Saturday!!!! LIVE and O-D


    Watch live:
    Class is full!

    On DEmand (after class is finished after 3 PM CDT):
  16. How To make a contract and deal properly with clients

    This thread is to discuss the topic of contract negotiation and creation.

    Many young artists are abused and taken advantage of by companies simply because they lack the practical experience to...
  17. Updated! The art of the feminine form with Manley/Zhanglu NOW ON DEMAND!!!

    This coming Sunday we begin a new round of live streaming classes with a very beautiful program on the art of the feminine form. With three beautiful demonstrations by Massive Black Shanghai artist...
  18. A very important open letter to ConceptArt.Org and all artists around the world.

    To everyone who enjoys this site, learns here, and has helped CA be what it is today.

    I am humbly coming to all the members and supporters of CA. This is a time of importance in the art community...
  19. Poll: POLL: Program Info -Financial Aid & Tuition Options for The ConceptArt.Org Art School

    We will be making an official announcement for "The Art Department" very soon. I have included a bunch of information below and there may be some changes along the way but should give you a better...
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    Sticky: LIGHTING / SHADING Other than anatomical...


    Other than anatomical problems, I think lighting problems are the most common comments when artists post their work for critique here. When taking something past the sketch...
  21. Color Theory 2



    Letís review these terms in charts:

    High Key.........................Minor Key
    Middle Key.......................Medium Key
  22. Theory Discussion: "Color Theory" Principles and Practices

    Hello forum people...

    I would like to start by saying hello, my name is Ron Lemen, my handle, Fredflickstone is more recognizeable to other forum surfers. I am an...
  23. SketchBook: Journey of an Absolute Rookie: Paintings and Sketches

    Just putting this first image in to update my sketchbook thumbnail ;)
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