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  1. The Borderlands "Mutiny": Is This The Future Of Gaming? (Let's Hope So!)

    Before and after comparison, and further...
  2. By the way if you want to run it independently...

    By the way if you want to run it independently get the Microsoft App Locale

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    Where the hell do you live, in a Dr. Seuss...

    Where the hell do you live, in a Dr. Seuss book!??!

    I went to her window, full six stories high,
    For a kissidy kissy from Katfayheirti
    But foiled! my kiss she did not like,
    Now I winkidy winky...
  4. Art: "Alice in Wonderland" Character Design/Update April 26th/5 new concepts in first post

    With the increasing excitement about the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" I thought I should update this post with some more of the original designs.
    It's been more than a year ago when I was sitting...
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    Art: Liche Priest video tutorial

    Hey everyone! I still lurk on the site but it has been a really long time since I actually posted any of my own work.

    On my free time I've been working on putting together a video tutorial of the...
  6. Art:

  7. Art: RTS game Stormrise concept arts (update 10/02/2010)

    Hi guys I have just finished a RTS game called Stormrise which is for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, I will show all my concepts gradually in this thread for that game. Critiques are very welcome. If you want...
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    Art: illustrations and concept art ( UPDATE 2.)

    new and old images.
  9. Poll: I will be posting this at the beginning of each...

    I will be posting this at the beginning of each round for the next few weeks until I am convinced that it has sunk in and that everyone understands this.
    The original posting is located in the CHOW...
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    Poll: Okay, hun, you need to check your attitude....

    Okay, hun, you need to check your attitude. Oregano giving you a crit is no reason to throw it back in his face. You may not have directly asked for it, but I assumed (as he probably did) that you...
  11. SketchBook: Slash - :heart: TimGillette - Thanks! AsaB -...

    Slash - :heart:
    TimGillette - Thanks!
    AsaB - thank you, def. gonna work on it!
    Burtzum - you are so right :bashful: No more! For a while... I promise.
    Asatira - thanks! Posting some more...
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