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  1. Programs

    Hi Technokill,

    Both of the accredited degree and certificate programs are currently 3-years at LAAFA on-campus. If you are pursuing the degree you will need to complete additional General...
  2. $100 OFF Online LIVE and SELF-Study Courses - TOP Artists - KEEP YOUR VIDEOS!

    SPECIAL $100 OFF Any Online Courses - PROMO CODE: SPCA100 - Expires April 10, 2015.

    Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) has recently launched, a new website for...
  3. LAAFA 3-Year Accredited Entertainment Art and Fine Art Programs



    3-Year Degree and Certificate Fine Art Program
    3-Year Degree and Certificate Entertainment Art Program 18-Month Intensive Foundational Art Track 1-Year...
  4. Online Class Registration Deadlines - Don't miss out!


    We are wrapping up our fall online classes! Register before the deadline for each class listing and secure your seat in the live virtual classroom. These classes are 3 hours of real-time...
  5. Real-Time Online Clases - Starts September 8th!

    Live classes are unique; they're happening in real-time! Interact with your instructor and other students in class. It's just like on-campus classes without leaving your home. Join our instructors...
  6. Summer Live Online Classes - Early Access!

    We are excited to announce the debut of our Live Online Classes (in real-time) starting the week of September 8th! LAAFA's new site featuring live online classes, as well as stand alone self-study...
  7. 3-Year Entertainment Art Program, 18-Month Entertainment Track & Foundational Tracks

    We are currently accepting applications for our Spring 18-Month Intensive Entertainment Art Track and Fall Programs. Below is a snap shot of LAAFA and what each program has to offer students. LAAFA...
  8. Carl Dobsky Named Full-Time Faculty At LAAFA


    LAAFA Full-Time Faculty Carl Dobsky

    We are thrilled to announce that Carl Dobsky will be LAAFA's full-time faculty starting January 13th! He has a wealth of knowledge and will be a...
  9. Limited Space in Digital Art Classes | Complimentary Demos Announced

    Only A Few Spots in our Entertainment Art Classes


    Visit to register for classes

    Intermediate Digital Painting - Carl Dobsky (2 spots)
    Advanced Character...
  10. Tips for finding an art school for you

    Many students seem confused in the search for the perfect art school. (If there is such a place.) I have decided to give my best advice that may seem like a no brainier; however, students seem to...
  11. Winter Registration - Anatomy, Digital, Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

    Winter Registration - Anatomy, Digital, Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

    Winter Registration is now available for a variety of classes.

    Highlighted Classes:

  12. October Complimentary Demos For Students!

    COMPLIMENTARY OPEN HOUSE DEMOS: This is a great way to visit LAAFA and learn the different methods and techniques that an instructor will teach you during his class. Students will have the...
  13. Early Registration Ends September 16th! Don't...

    Early Registration Ends September 16th! Don't miss out on the top foundational teachers in Los Angeles! New Students receive a $50 discount toward any new class! Check out the schedule here.
  14. New Drawing, Painting and Entertainment Art Tracks

    1-Year Drawing, 1-Year Painting and 18-Month Entertainment Art Tracks for 2013/2014. Email to receive more information on how to start.

  15. Fall 2013 Quarter Announced!

    View our awesome line up of instructors and classes for Fall 2013!


    Find out more information about our payment plans, promotions and discount.
  16. Marshall Vandruff | 3-Days Animal Drawing for $195!

    Register for Marshall Vandruff's 3-Day Animal Drawing Workshop by Tuesday (July 30th) to take advantage of LAAFA's Visiting Artist Enrichment Series. These enrichment lectures, workshops and demos...
  17. 3-Year Fine and Entertainment Starting Fall 2013


    Images from our 1st year students in their Long Pose Drawing Class.

    Both our 3- Year Fine and Entertainment Art Programs provides students with the unique combination of foundational...
  18. Classes Starting Next Week | Ecorche/ 3D Anatomy on Fridays & Sundays


    Ecorche/3D Anatomy By Rey Bustos - On Campus

    An ecorché/3D anatomy model is a centuries old method of learning anatomy through three dimensional means. The word ecorché is...
  19. Approved for Veterans Education Benefits for 3-Year Programs!


    We are now approved for Veterans Educational Benefits by the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. Veterans who would like to study in our 3-Year Degree and...
  20. Foundational Classes | Teen Camps | Portfolio and Beyond!

    Come spend the summer at LAAFA and experience the best instructors and classes in Los Angeles! Learn or brush-up on your foundational skills.

    Find classes Info:
  21. 6-Week Integrative Drawing Class | Reserved Drop-In Classes


    Kate Savage 6-Week Integrative Head/Figure Drawing | Starts May 7th [/SIZE][/B]

    This class will focus on learning to see the WHOLE, clarifying the stages you need to go through in...
  22. Are you a digital artist looking for a strong...

    Are you a digital artist looking for a strong traditional foundation to enhance your digital work? Look no further! This quarter LAAFA offers two great opportunities for beginning drawing students to...
  23. Accepting Applications for Fall 2013

    LAAFA is considered a premier choice for students wanting an intensive art program that provides the necessary foundation skills which allows students to excel and...
  24. On Location Classes and 3D Anatomy/Ecorche Online - Spring 2013

    Spring Quarter begins next week! Sign-up for 8 or 10-week classes in our Van Nuys or Santa Monica Locations. Learn from top professional artists.


    3D Anatomy/Ecorche by Rey Bustos

  25. Steve Huston Workshop- March 15th | Spring Open House

    Steve Huston Workshop

    March 15th - 3-Day The Rendering of Gesture and Structure

    Did you ever wonder how an exercise in a 5 or 10-minute figure drawing really help you get to a fully rendered...
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