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    Art: Here is training, not design ,

    Here is training, not design ,
    oil painting
    charcoal pencil sketch
    painting picture
    paint from life
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    Art: thanks for all the feedbacks and comments. it's...

    thanks for all the feedbacks and comments.
    it's been days since my last update already! wow.

    eric: i perfectly remember all that period. and unfortunately i had to deactivate the comments for the...
  3. A very important open letter to ConceptArt.Org and all artists around the world.

    To everyone who enjoys this site, learns here, and has helped CA be what it is today.

    I am humbly coming to all the members and supporters of CA. This is a time of importance in the art community...
  4. Art: Science fiction images + stuff * New images page 2

    Hello Guys,

    Thought I'd drop by and say hi to the community seeing how its been a while!

    Please bear with me if you've seen some of these before. I don't have a lot of
    time on my hands to do...
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    Art: Not so fresh paints......

    Hi All

    A long time between this and my last post.
    Here is some work complete a little while ago.
    The work below was complete for a bunch of clients. Hope you like.....

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    Art: *new character art & studies*

    Hey fellas!

    Here's a few paintings and sketches I've been doing lately....the life studies are done on a laptop in 2.5 hour sessions, and are a ton of fun. I started after watching the James Kei...
  7. Art: Tales from the Crypt: Fantasy Flight Games Images (UPDATE pg 3 mini dump of card art)

    Whats happenin gang?

    I hope your all doing great and I gotta say this place has been *on fire* with all the phenomenal works being posted lately, its like everyone is getting better; I really love...
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    Art: I wanna be a Mattepainter !

    I'll update this thread with my mattepaintings!
    News are in the last page!

    Hi all...
    I want to share with you a pair of recent work I did for exercice.
    I recently studied the tecnique of the...
  9. Art: these are really old but i'll be in trouble if i...

    these are really old but i'll be in trouble if i dont post something
  10. Art: On the Job Hunt and Some New Art ! *Replies*

    Howdy Folks,

    I'm currently looking for a full-time position in the San Francisco and surrounding areas within the fields of Visual Development/Concept Art. If you know of anything that might be a...
  11. Art: PAX is here. So here's some more art from the...

    PAX is here. So here's some more art from the trailer seen in full view.
  12. Thread: Kil.A.Ton

    by steak-tron

    Art: Kil.A.Ton

    Hey everyone!
    I'm excited to present some work I did earlier this year through Massive Black for the best new iPhone game out...


    From DotMatrix Interactive. These guys were a...
  13. Art: a whole lotta love...

    Can you guys help MB? We want to give a push and see if we can get this very thread to a million views. Want to give it a s hot?
    You can help by posting this thread to your facebook or myspace...
  14. Art: Here's a bit of stuff I did...

    Here's a bit of stuff I did...
  15. Art: Imagine FX

    Here's a couple pieces I did for GW2 that are on the cover of the most recent Imagine FX... The cover is a fold out of the ring architecture piece and the flip side is the spherical building piece....
  16. Art: some stuff for the site and things.

    some stuff for the site and things.
  17. Art: ...and here's a couple older ones they're using...

    ...and here's a couple older ones they're using for some of the marketing.
  18. Art: Here's a few more they've released on...

    Here's a few more they've released on to promote the art book we'll be selling soon! Try and get a free copy next weekend in Seattle at our panels and at our booth the Penny Arcade...
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    Art: :: BATCH 2

    i added some older works in this batch, and some shot of works i dont have in the original form scanned.
    On one shot you see a couple of products i was working on, games, hardware and other crap....
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    Art: Batch 1

    My illustration work
  21. Thread: Fight

    by razer

    Art: Fight
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    Art: Childreenīs zombie book

    Some ilustrations of a new book, will be published in Spain=)
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    Art: Stormrise concepts - UPDATE 12th August

    Hi all

    My name is Nick Smith and here is my concept art for Stormrise. This project provided me with a lot of time and experience to develop my style and technique. I worked along side...
  24. Art: Some old stuff I've done (11-10-09) UPDATE PAGE 5

    This is some of the stuff I've done in the past year, you may have seen else where but its the first time I'm posting it here.

    I miss everyone I met and hung out with in Dallas. I had a f'ing good...
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    SketchBook: Whitaker: sketchbook and Reverie workshop

    I’m going to be at the Reverie workshop and I want to make a positive contribution. Checking the forum, I find that this sketchbook section attracts the most viewers so I thought I’d say a few...
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