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    thanks all for the critiques, and no harm to me...

    thanks all for the critiques, and no harm to me in being so harsh, thats how we grow through honest eyes on our work. Back to the drawing board, I think on this one. As for the perspective I was...
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    skeleton king

    so I have been working on this off and on for a week maybe a little more. I like where its at but what some feedback from the crew here on what I can do to push it more
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    the finish, maybe

    so this is were I come and ask what else can I do. i think that it may be a little heavy on the right
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    need some help on this--

    Any thought on what I can do to make this stronger, I have been working on it for two days and I need a fresh pair, or more please, of eyes......
  5. any Ideas on this

    I was looking for some ideas on making this stronger, any suggestions
  6. Update-----comp sketch for book cover--any suggestions before I paint

    So this is yet another school assignment, this time a book cover. I am going to start to paint, in Painter, so any suggestions on composition or anything, so I could make this better. I am...
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    environment concept---any ideas

    so this is another concept I did for class.....I need to push some of the values more, but is there anything else you guys see that could make this better
  8. thanks for the comments and the suggestions so...

    thanks for the comments and the suggestions so far. i am still working on these and hope to post the update in a few days....a little crazy here at the moment.

    I don't know if my characters are...
  9. Thnx Star Eater....this is truly a W.I.P. and I...

    Thnx Star Eater....this is truly a W.I.P. and I really want to make it pop so i can put it in my portfolio....I agree with all that you said, they were things that I thought were issues as...
  10. character design--any advice please and be honest

    Hi all! I haven't posted much here and I really wanted to get some feedback on this. i am an illustration student and am just getting into digital painting. This was created in painter for a...
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    Art: new here / new work

    So this is my first post. I just got an intuos4, first tablet ever, and was playing around with an old drawing. Seeing as I have never done any work other then color correction, image tweaking in...
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