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    Thanks for all the questions. Here are some answers.

    A. Zhanglu did the paintings. The class will consist of these images in demonstration form, along with a series of beautiful images from art...
  2. Updated! The art of the feminine form with Manley/Zhanglu NOW ON DEMAND!!!

    This coming Sunday we begin a new round of live streaming classes with a very beautiful program on the art of the feminine form. With three beautiful demonstrations by Massive Black Shanghai artist...
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    Art: Big Dump *MB Work Added*

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted anything new anywhere... All of this is freelance stuff I've been doing. I'll try to find some Massive Black work and post that up later...

    Hope to see...
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    Sticky: Photoshop Color Wheel (Free!) Download

    Just an 'official' announcement that my interactive "Painters Wheel" for Photoshop CS4 is available now as a free download to the universe at large!

    This version is completely free and functional...
  5. A very important open letter to ConceptArt.Org and all artists around the world.

    To everyone who enjoys this site, learns here, and has helped CA be what it is today.

    I am humbly coming to all the members and supporters of CA. This is a time of importance in the art community...
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    thee are some really great music link in this...

    thee are some really great music link in this thread,
    thanks everyone

    here is an amazing Mix that one of my favorite DJ Brion Charles made,
    this was the mix that he played at the Liminal Rez...
  7. Poll: Thanks for the interest everyone. We are going...

    Thanks for the interest everyone. We are going to have more information in the coming days.

    I am not sure if I mentioned it but we have focused on the following cities within the US: San...
  8. Hudson River Fellowship 09 - things I learned! Working in nature, self-discipline, ..

    Hello CA! This summer I spent an intense and wonderful month in the Hudson River Valley, north of NYC, using every waking moment to draw, paint, think about drawing and painting and studying nature....
  9. Poll: The program is finely tuned and is built to do...

    The program is finely tuned and is built to do exactly what we need to do...and that is to provide a full education at a fraction of the cost of what people are paying at the big art schools where...
  10. Poll: POLL: Program Info -Financial Aid & Tuition Options for The ConceptArt.Org Art School

    We will be making an official announcement for "The Art Department" very soon. I have included a bunch of information below and there may be some changes along the way but should give you a better...
  11. SketchBook: Finally got some pics of this painting I...

    Finally got some pics of this painting I finished!
    9" X 12" oil on ABS panel.


    Close up.

    Omerta—thanks! Glad you like the step by steps.
    Victor B-thank you. I’m working at 9”...
  12. Have you tried Booq? I tried to fit an Intuos 4...

    Have you tried Booq? I tried to fit an Intuos 4 Large in it right behind my 17" Vaio and it was a bit snug, but still functional, so I know a Macbook would leave an even better fit. I put the Large...
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm looking forward to the...

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking forward to the chance to share with you all I've ever learned about beauty in 4 hours.;) this Saturday..

    The older I get, the more I experience of this crazy world...
  14. Dallas Workshop they say in Texas: YEEEE-HAAAAAAW!!!


  15. There will be no live painting during saturday's...

    There will be no live painting during saturday's presentation. In my experience it is very difficult to paint and talk about painting at the same time. I will be going through and showing the...
  16. hello everybody! I'm pretty excited and a bit...

    hello everybody! I'm pretty excited and a bit nervous for this presentation! I'm looking forward to talking to everyone about this subject which I've obsessed over for a while now. For those who are...
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    Changes around here...for the better

    Over the coming months, CA is going to be going through some major changes. MAJOR changes for the better...all thanks to the members here who have been supporting the site with the new streaming...
  18. Jason Manley: Color and the Theory of Light - Closed

    UPDATE...TIME IS 1PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME. Replacing image. I am in Austin tx..which is central daylight. We will start the show then.

    You can cover your tuition here: ...
  19. Thread: ILLUMANOTIC

    by Android


    feb 10th-2010:

    i Just returned from Berlin, the Sixmorevodka gallery was amazing, Marko has built the Mercedes Benz of art galleries and the engine runs on strait Vodka.

    here are a few new...
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    Words of Wisdom from Jason Manley

    There's an otherwise useless thread in the Lounge that's been closed, but it contained this post from Jason that I thought shouldn't slip into obscurity. So here it is:
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    Art: Hello from Massive Black Shanghai


    I am Zhanglu. I am a concept artist at Massive Black Shanghai. I am working on a series of foundation digital portrait painting downloads for ConceptArt.Org with Jason Manley. I have...
  22. Art: 10/17/09 oh god its 95 pages now!!! also 2 new illos bottom pg 1


    featuring more concept art and other things. :)

    thanks for looking!
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    Rendering Discussion: "Edges" Tips and Tricks

    I wrote this up as part of a reply to this thread, but I thought it was worth reposting here.

    Edge basics 101:
    There is a scale of edges, just as there is a scale of values. It goes from...
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