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  1. thanks...

    wow, I am grateful & impressed for such speedy input!

    as far specifics go career-wise, I want to go into Concept Illustration.

    best case would be to work in the film & video game industry... (I...
  2. sometimes the old ways are the best ways... SW fan art [first timer]

    please... I am in need of a critique!

    a real critique.

    not: "Do more human reference."

    we can all agree on that to start with.

    I need something more. I'm working on going pro, but I have...
  3. first timer...

    Thought I might take a crack at it...

    Hope I'm not too late... :o
  4. Lucky you...

    You're lucky...

    I wish I had an option! I'd give anything for the chance to go back to school! I'm 27 and here's my situation:

    -I'm broke
    -Half of an associates degree in Industrial...
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