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    Art: Thanks!

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    Art: finalized - Alexandre Neves

    Hello fellow artists, I would submit some works. First forgive me because my English is terrible. These works are finalized in Illustrator without using texture, is simply closed lines on color tones...
  3. SketchBook: SuperEu

    Concept created for long Marcelo Presotto and screenplay by Victor Navas, 0.5 2B graphite.

  4. SketchBook: thanks!

    Thank you artists friends Stroudle and kevin!

    Really glad for the comment, hugs:)

    Just a few photos that I have saved and would like to share ..
    Hits for all artist friends!
  5. SketchBook: Thanks Sony and Hu-ha, very grateful for...

    Thanks Sony and Hu-ha,
    very grateful for comment, hugs!
  6. SketchBook: Hello Friends, After a long time, following...

    Hello Friends,

    After a long time, following some drawings. Forgive me the lack of description, I have a bad english!
  7. SketchBook: Thank you friend, very grateful!

    Thank you friend, very grateful!
  8. SketchBook: Egg0; Thank you friend, I am building an identity...

    Egg0; Thank you friend, I am building an identity and I think this is the way. I can not give great answers, I'm terrible in English! Thanks.

    Velocity Kendall; Hello friend artist, I see you have...
  9. SketchBook: ha-hu; Thank you very grateful for the comment. I...

    ha-hu; Thank you very grateful for the comment. I think we have a style defined. Loved 2B and 4B graphite 0.5. hug!

    AckermannPhilip;Thanks buddy, I still dont know these artists, but I tried to...
  10. SketchBook: Pixel Cows

    Concept art, character design - Pixel Cows. Graphite 0.5 2B.
  11. SketchBook: Sketch

    Hello Friends,
    Sketch, graphite 0.5 2B.
  12. SketchBook: Hi friend, in fact, I have a strong shading...

    Hi friend, in fact, I have a strong shading style, I use it in some areas to highlight (in the case of anatomies that are the studies of Hogarth). thanks for your comment and sorry for my english.
  13. SketchBook: Face - Digital Painting

    Face - Digital Painting, photoshop.
  14. SketchBook: Thanks mate, very grateful!

    Thanks mate, very grateful!
  15. SketchBook: Thanks friend, hugs!

    Thanks friend, hugs!
  16. SketchBook: Thanks buddy, very grateful!

    Thanks buddy, very grateful!
  17. SketchBook: Faces.

    Hello Friends;

    Some concepts of faces. graphte 0.5 2B.
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    SketchBook: Beautiful paintings, congratulations!

    Beautiful paintings, congratulations!
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    SketchBook: Beautiful studies, congratulations!

    Beautiful studies, congratulations!
  20. SketchBook: Digital Painting

    Digital Painting - GetsÍmani.
  21. SketchBook: Aviator and Monk.

    Aviator and Monk.
  22. SketchBook: Concepts & Sketchs

    Concepts & sketchs friends..

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    SketchBook: beautiful works, congratulations.

    beautiful works, congratulations.
  24. SketchBook: Digital Painting

    Hello friends.

    I had been far for studying e producing some advertising works, i just finished a digital painting course. I want to put here my new picture, it's not perfect - far away from a...
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    SketchBook: beautiful friend, congratulations!

    beautiful friend, congratulations!
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