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    Poll: Worked a bit late

    I only saw this competition on the day that the finaly were meant to be in. I worked through the night but unforchenutly I didnt get my idea done in time. Rather than give up I kept working on it at...
  2. Poll: I dont realy have time to give propper crits so...

    I dont realy have time to give propper crits so sorry if im repeating what others have said.
    scorge . As much as I like your critter will say that the diea that it walks on these stillt things so...
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    Poll: Feedback Time

    ChrisKlungerbo: I would realy enjoy seeing some large herbevor despratly running around draging half a dozen horn Tongue's around behind it. I realy enjoy your action drawings though I would say that...
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    Poll: Paré Lizard

    Artist: TheAlmightyPillock

    Concept: Paré Lizard
    The Paré Lizard glides across the rocky desert using thermals to lift it up upon the stretch of skin attached to two of its fingers and down the...
  5. Feeding Time WIP2

    Really awsome to se more people uploading sketchbook workings rather than just digital thumbnails.

    ChrisKlungerbo You'v got the same problem as a few others have had that your beast's tongue isnt...
  6. Feeding Time

    Last time my tuter told me off for just having my creature floting in nthingess so I'm going to have a go at creating the whole sceen. Always find it hard to re draw the same animal from difernt...
  7. Spydr I dont understand what you mean, are you...

    Spydr I dont understand what you mean, are you jsut correcting my spelling of Kelpie? And if your just pointing out the mythology thats exactly why I nicknamed it a Kelpie.

    Jon N- Love your crazy...
  8. First Thoughts

    I'm actuly finding this one quite hard to come up with soemthing unusual.

    I have add the extra limitation of a rocky/sandy environment just to give me some physical limitations.

  9. Ex Nhilo watch out becouse your spear tongue idea...

    Ex Nhilo watch out becouse your spear tongue idea isnt actuly prehensile, its just a staby tongue. A camelions tongue isnt prehensile for example.

    Perhampse the fish have a hard exosxelition which...
  10. Re Post of Sketches

    I know i've shown these before but I've worked out how to get them big enough that you can actuly see the features, so I can get some advice.

    Original Features


    More preditory Varient...
  11. Sketchbook WIP


    Here are some of my first lot of sketches. I always end up skipping out the thumbnails, the creatures just grow as I doodle.

    Left Caterpillar beast: Grows vertical like a mushroom...
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    Eclectic: Nice use of convergent evolution, The...

    Eclectic: Nice use of convergent evolution, The Leafy Sea Dragon is perfect for this breaf. I particuly like the large shoal for creaures following. Realy gives the impression that it collects its...
  13. Poll: The Wisp Eater

    Also known as “Ghost Eater” the “Wisp Eater” sustains itself as the name suggests by consuming the spirit energy of Will-o the Wisps. Existing out of phase with our reality the Wisp Eater is visible...
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