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  1. Art: Harry Potter 7.2, The deep and Black death concept-arts (and last works)

    Hello everybody !
    I'm happy to announce my new website ! Same adress (, but totaly new interface et content updated. It's about time... :^^:
    Besides, here are some...
  2. Art: :: Illustration portfolio :: Up p4 (04/21) Massive Black download & Kite fishes


    i'm a French illustrator and comic artist, currently looking for more freelance jobs! Contact me at neyret_clochette [at]

    So here is a selection of my recent work :) I hope...
  3. Art: Hey peeps, Still chilling a bit after the second...

    Hey peeps,
    Still chilling a bit after the second chapter of Maggot,
    I 9just did a couple ex-libris for it and an hommage or 2.

  4. Art: Pre Dallas Art Dump (Dragon Age: Origns, Playboy, MTG, and More!)

    Hey everyone! It's that time again! The Dallas workshop is only a few weeks away and I'm excited to see everyone stateside again :)

    So here's my traditional pre-workshop art dump. Been busy so...
  5. Thread: dsfqsdffq

    by Jens

    Art: dsfqsdffq

  6. Replies

    Art: Dallas Dumpage....(Updated on page 2!)

    Hey guys, Here's a few things that I've last year that I'd like to share with you all.
    -Dark elf, personal piece. It started off as a design study but I decided to take it a bit further. Dark elves...
  7. Art: *edit JAN15* first post: more headz.. new Abstract masks and speedpainting! Nudity

    *edit 1/14/09* Hey! i've updated the life drawing with a better scan... I hope to varnish and rescan/photograph the head paintings at some point... some of the paint has sunk in and whatnot and...
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    SketchBook: Rist: that's ok, have fun~ MattGamer: you are...

    Rist: that's ok, have fun~

    MattGamer: you are welcome~

    more oil painting stydies.
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