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    SketchBook: will123will- thanks! Jaro- Oh yea, thank you!...

    will123will- thanks!

    Jaro- Oh yea, thank you! :)

    Here's a fairly quick environment:
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    Art: Halo 3 concept art (update) 1/22/10

    *updates at bottom of thread*

    Hi concept artists. Its been a few years since I last posted. I'm excited to be back and sharing some of the work I did during the development of Halo 3.
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    Art: 2010-2011 year works (upd 06.09.2011 page 4)

    Hello everyone!
    Here are some of my work for 2010 :)
    Among them are personal, as well as working concepts.
    Thank you for looking.
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    Art: Warhammer 40K covers

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been working with my friends at Games Workshop UK for a few years now doing covers for Warhammer 40K. I was a newcomer to the IP when first approached, but I've really grown to...
  5. Just wanted to share a story with you guys, about...

    Just wanted to share a story with you guys, about freelance work.. :) This is only my experience.. And certainly no facts.. but It might help you get a bit of an in-sight.. at least when you're...
  6. The biggest blockade in your way is fear, or...

    The biggest blockade in your way is fear, or rather intimidation. I don't believe there is a right time or wrong time to experiment with anything in art, Digital or traditional methods.

    Don't be...
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    Art: 18 Days ( Updates pages 03, 04 )

    The talent in this forum is staggering. I cannot begin to say how inspired I am by the art and more importantly the artists behind those images.

    I have finally mustered the courage to post my...
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    Art: Concept Art for Alone In The Dark 5


    You can find here and example of Alone In The Dark 5 Environement Concept Art, that i have to do for visual developpement and for the fantastique Ambiance we could find in the game....
  9. Art: What Does A Successful Concept Art Portfolio Look Like?

    Taken from the BioWare Post

    What You Need

    To be a Concept Artist for the games industry, you need the following:

    IMAGINATION – if you don't have this as a foundation, you will never draw...
  10. i everyone, here is the finished image from the...

    i everyone, here is the finished image from the lecture,
    i spent a few hours polishing it up but all the original momentum is still in there,

    as promised here is a list of the artists and...
  11. If you enjoyed the last tracks of the stream,...

    If you enjoyed the last tracks of the stream, they were all from I Awake's album The Core (thanks Andrew!), which you can buy here:
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    Art: Heya, Mike-- Since you're aiming high (and...

    Heya, Mike--

    Since you're aiming high (and good for you), here we are:

    You are better than 99% of the people in the world. But that doesn't mean anything when you're trying to be absolutely...
  13. Getting Freelance, Pricing, Jobs, and Promotion Closed

    TUITION IS BELOW!!!!!!! See you all soon!!!

    Getting jobs, finding, pricing, and winning freelance, creative promotion, and supporting yourself as an artist are key to living as a artist in...
  14. Jason Manley: Color and the Theory of Light - Closed

    UPDATE...TIME IS 1PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME. Replacing image. I am in Austin tx..which is central daylight. We will start the show then.

    You can cover your tuition here: ...
  15. Sticky: The Newborn Contest!!! (Now with more prizes!)

    ConceptArt.Org is proud to announce our latest contest: Newborn! Let’s get started!

    Each moment we sit down at our tablets, we have an opportunity to create a beautiful work of art. We can...
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    Art: Cícero D'Avila - "Cariátide Ruiva"


    This is the first project in wich I'm working with the help of the technology.

    The piece was previously modeled with water based clay. Then a plaster cast was taken from the clay model and...
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    SketchBook: Groarr! Ň_Ó (update: sep 14) last post on page 57

    Ok Algenpfleger said he will update his sketchbook today if I open a thread. how could I resist? D: Frankly, I thought about opening a sketchbook before o_o
    so Hello everyone! :D I was lurking...
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    Art: Fischart Dump-didi-dump-dump 2009

    Hey guys. Looooong time! This place is so fantastic. It seems to me that about once a year I start to run dry creatively, and my wanderlust for inspiration always brings me here to CA, and it is...
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    Late night TV's worst nightmare

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    Sticky: Art: Registry Forum FAQ

    This is a place for you to make your very own thread, with all your works. When you upload images to directly, using the attachment manager, you are able to choose categories,...
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    Art: The pose looks a bit awkward, I think it's the...

    The pose looks a bit awkward, I think it's the position of the left leg, but apart from that it looks alright. It's a different approach, I like the blue background.
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    Art: Khan's stuff

    Dear friends,

    A year ago, wonderful Daniel Dociu from Arenanet brought me to NCsoft Europe and changed my entire life to better. I spent a wonderful year, surrounded by great people and friends...
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    Of course this is open to interpretation, but...

    Of course this is open to interpretation, but this is the book description of Holmes:

    This is a brief biography of Sherlock Holmes-The Detective created by the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  24. Art: bye...

  25. Art: My Son, SIXMOREVODKA & serendipity (100+ new images)

    Hey CA, hey friends....

    It's been over a year since I posted my last thread in this section. So much stuff has happened since then, that I'm still amazed at how many experiences fit into just...
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