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  1. Would you help me out and check out my Kickstarter?

    Hi there everyone!

    My name is Ryan Brain, I'm a game designer and avid comics fan, but that's not what I'm writing about. I'm writing to ask for help. I'm trying to get my own web comic/graphic...
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for an artist to help...

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for an artist to help design characters for and draw and colour around 100 pages for a web comic/graphic novel I am trying to put together, at the rate of at least 1 page a...
  3. Edited original post :)

    Edited original post :)
  4. Writer seeks artists for sci-fi dramedy web comic

    Hi everybody,

    First time time posting here but please don't hold that against me :) And apologies if this isn't the right forum, I couldn't see one specifically for writers seeking artists.

  5. Replies

    Artist wanted for web comic

    Moved to the appropriate forum. Sorry!
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