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  1. Poll: heh

    ran out of time on this one.

    ADAM: eff yes. i think we all feel like this at times. just great.

    deadred: holy crap. this is amazing. amazing composition and prefect depiction of the somewhat...
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    Poll: ahoy

    this was great!

    HUNGRYAN: i loved the idea of the gunfaced guy, and though i had trouble figuring out how that worked, the image just worked for me.

    deadred: well, i've been a huge fan of your...
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    we're famous!
  4. SketchBook: ooo!

    this stuff is great! i especially love the self portraits.

    if i can offer a small crit, one thing i would suggest is varying your line pressure, and also play with which lines are thick and which...
  5. SketchBook: why does this only have 3 stars? damn, you're...

    why does this only have 3 stars? damn, you're good!
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