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  1. My Daughter Making The Enterprise D Out Of Clay Timelapse

    My Daughter Making The Enterprise D Out Of Clay Timelapse
  2. Potty Humor: Big Things Come In Small Packages

    My funny little potty humor claymation. It's good for a quick laugh!
  3. Art: Forgotten (for the homeless) Claymation

    My clay animated film I made about the homeless in North America. Emphasis in this case is on the people we may pass on the street everyday, the ones within arms reach that we could help directly but...
  4. Art: Jesus & The Bankers (with a modern twist) Clay Animation

    My clay animated version of the bible story in which Jesus kicks the bankers/merchants out of the church. We gave it a more modern setting and made a clay figure of a banker from a well known board...
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    Art: The Algoma Store Animation

    This is a clay animated video we did for the Algoma Store in our region for them to use to promote their business. It uses the Finn and Jake clay characters which again are a bit dated but it gives...
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    Art: Taco Bout It Claymation

    My video we did for the guys of Taco Bout It (a taco food truck/stand) using our Patrick and Jake clay figures. These figures are a little dated, some of our newer clay figures were made a lot better...
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    Art: Swamp Witch Guitars Claymation

    My fun clay animated cartoon I made for Swamp Witch Guitars. Basically a boy gets himself a really cool three string guitar.
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    Art: Charlie Butters: The Internet

    In this funny clay animated cartoon Betty Butters catches a glimpse of the internet but it is short lived when there is a serious glitch. The comic book guy goes berserk when the internet goes down....
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    Art: Earthquake Watchers Claymation

    Earthquake Watchers ClaymationA funny interview with Andrew a student from a local school. He falls asleep during the interview and wakes abruptly.
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    Art: Math Trek Clay Animation

    A math lesson in clay animation. In this cartoon Izzy and Lieutenant-Commander Cinder talk about surface area and volume.
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    Art: Charlie Butters Cleans The House
    In this clay animation cartoon Charlie Butters gets left behind while while Betty and Izzy are away on a mother and daughter retreat. Before he goes out...
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    Art: Star Trek: When I grow up

    My daughters first clay animated cartoon
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    Art: Robin Kicked Out Of a Club

    In my cartoon Clay Batman gets into the club however Robin is not so lucky, Captain America is the bouncer. This is another clay animated short we were...
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    Art: Slumberland Claymation Commercial

    This clay animated short we were hired to do for a Slumberland Furniture store in Hutchinson, MN. I assume to be used as promotion on the web.
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    Art: Captain America VS Batman

    My cartoon with two clay Batman and Captain America getting into a bit of a scuffle over territory and neglecting to save the day. So sit back relax and...
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    Art: The Scientist And The Fly Claymation

    My new cartoon. A scientist is annoyed by a fly and chases it about his laboratory with a fly swatter. The fly gets into some top secret chemical...
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    Art: Clay Batman Cat Rescue (interactive)

    My funny Batman claymation. In this interactive video Batman parody you get to choose how to save Lindsay the cat from the tree. You can shake/pull her...
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    Art: Jim & Bob The Two Amoebas Claymation

    My claymation cartoon! In this funny claymation the two amoebas, Jim and Bob, contemplate the existence of life outside their microscopic universe. Check...
  19. Art: Izzy Prank Call #1 - Andrew The Ghost Claymation

    My claymation cartoon! In this offshoot of our ongoing family rated claymation comedy "the misadventures of Charlie Butters," Izzy Butters, Charlie's...
  20. Art: I know this reply comes kind of late but thanks...

    I know this reply comes kind of late but thanks for commenting, you were right he was rough and we have since cleaned him up some for our other cartoons. Thanks for the tip :)
  21. Art: Charlie Butters: Runaway Lawnmower Claymation

    In this claymation cartoon Charlie's wife bugs him to do the lawn. As he really doesn't want to do it he gets his daughter Izzy to do it but things go...
  22. Art: Valentine's Day Charlie Butters Balloon Claymation (Interactive)
    This is our Charlie Butters Balloon Valentine interactive film. In this claymation Charlie and his wife go ballooning for Valentine's Day and unfortunately...
  23. Art: Robin How To Make Tutorial / Time Lapse (Part 2 of 2)

    How to make a clay Robin (from comics) tutorial part 2 of 2. In this video we show the process we went through to make our Robin clay figure. This one will be used in an upcoming parody claymation...
  24. Robin How To Make Tutorial / Time Lapse (Part 1 of 2)

    How to make a clay Robin (from comics) Tutorial. In this video we show the process we went through to make our Robin clay figure. This one will be used in an upcoming parody claymation cartoons. Stay...
  25. Art: Babysitter Nightmare (P.B.'s Dream) Claymation

    A funny claymation short made by my daughter and sound editing and production by myself. Hopefully it will be good for a laugh and don't forget to comment she loves to read them.

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