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  1. SketchBook: Hello

    Hey mates,
    I'm so sorry for my absence. I was on a schoo trip and so I can't draw anything because I have forgotten my materials. Actually, I have no picture.
    I'll upload my "Environment Picture"...
  2. SketchBook: Perma

    You have choosen the wrong name...
    Your zombie looks really great. I even would say the best one of all. There are
    some things missing like the zombie's shadow or a more detailed view...
  3. SketchBook: Next Assignment? me?

    PermaNoob's Assignment is drawing a landscape/environmental pic....or so.
    Well, I do not know now if I have to give an assignment to you?
    Have I?
    By the way, thanks for your comment on my...
  4. SketchBook: XD....awesome

    Kamber: That's really funny because I am reading "The Shining" at the moment in order to improve my english skills. It is hilarious and you comparison with this book is awesome....XD

    Well, thanks...
  5. SketchBook: Nice

    damned....I have forgotten the weapon...>.<
    Uhm, let us say, his hands are his weapons :geekg:
    Xeon's one looks like an underworld warrior, coming to kill all of us....*cough* sorry..XD...
  6. SketchBook:

    Well, Hello Folks,
    after many tries to create a humanoid who looks corpse-like, I have finished with this one. I think I did it in a good way. What do you think about it?

    (My scanner is a piece...
  7. SketchBook: OHHH

    That is your assignement about!
    Well, I think it is okay and I sorry that I didn't understand what you meant.
    So, it will be a nice one...I am sure it will.

  8. SketchBook: Wow

    Hey folks,
    well...thanks for you answer Diarum. Good idea by the way. Uhm, what is about humanoids on the to death. I think, could it be able to draw a tigerman who is killed by a knife hit by a...
  9. SketchBook: My Ford

    So here it is, my Ford LTD Crown Victoria.
    It's such a shame -.-.....this car has usually 4 doors but I did a mistake and recognized it too late so it has 2 doors now....

    PermaNoob's car is...
  10. SketchBook: Question

    Uhm, I have a question about your Assignment.
    What do you mean with "Humanoid", well, you said that it must have been 1 head 2 arms and 2 legs so give me an example :hugsmile:
    According to that it...
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    SketchBook: aha

    Hey Brain,

    thanks for your comment.
    Well, I'll try to create a realistic face only by admitting shades...
    And I should read the book about self-portrait which I have lend 2 weeks ago in my...
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    SketchBook: CyGear

    in order to give you an answer.
    I have read that gesture is a expression of a movement or a position of a body....
    And poses are simply the position of every part of the body.
    I am nor sure...
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    SketchBook: Thanks

    Hey mates,
    thanks for your honest criticism.


    I think your are right. I looked the portrait second time and all the mistakes you mentioned are right. I hadn't to line up the...
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    SketchBook: Hey AlexTooth, great work there, really, I am...

    Hey AlexTooth,
    great work there, really, I am impressed........
    The gestures and poses are awesome and I see that you study the head and hands by Andrw Loomis. His books are great and really...
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    SketchBook: Hey phucci, really really cool work there, but I...

    Hey phucci,
    really really cool work there, but I have to say, that you could be much better because sometimes, I think so, you are just too lazy on continuing altough your work looks awesome. For...
  16. Thread: -QUID PRO QUO-

    by CyGear

    SketchBook: Hey mate, thanks for commenting my SB. Yeaaa, I...

    Hey mate,
    thanks for commenting my SB. Yeaaa, I will continuing my studies and I will updating more. I think it is the right way in order to get better and I love it if anyone commenting my work.
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    SketchBook: Portrait, Comic...etc.

    Hey Folks,
    there I am again.
    I have drawn a portrait from a woman who was in a newspaper two days ago.
    It have taken 1 1/2 hour to draw it and I think I have succeeded altough there are more or...
  18. SketchBook: Nice

    Hey Kamber,
    nice work.
    I see, you try to improve your abilities in gestures and perspective of bodies.
    Then, you draw clothes what is really hard because, so I have to say, it is really hard to...
  19. SketchBook: My Self-Portrait

    Well, I have already finished my Self-Portrait today altough I intended to do it next week, whatever.
    So, I think it is ok and if I try to change anything I will destroy it, surely.
    And do not...
  20. SketchBook: Pic

    Which shall I use?
    Is a brown background ok? And white lines?
    With different shades etc?
    Well, I think I will use OC for it....

  21. SketchBook: Question

    I have question about the self-portrait.
    Should the picture have the same colour like our poster or could it be every colour....I ask that because I would like to draw on normal paper....nothing...
  22. SketchBook: Sooooorrrryyyyy

    Hey Mates,
    I am so sorry....
    This idea of a sketchbook group is awesome. I was so surprised while reading your posts and all this suggestions.
    Sorry that I was not online but I had really much to...
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    SketchBook: Hey

    Hey dude,
    sooo many pictures.....well, I think that I should draw gestures and poses, too.
    It is really funnny which poses you know....XD
    Keep Posting

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    SketchBook: New Pics

    Hey Guys,
    here are two further pics I have drawn anytime during my exam time....
    Sorry for my long abstinence but it was necessary....
    Now I can draw more and now I am really in the mood for it.
  25. Thread: One Nice Day

    by CyGear

    SketchBook: Hello

    Hey mate,
    how are you?
    Long time ago since I wrote last time here....., or?
    So, I see you are like a machine....draw draw are a great motivator for me.
    I would be very appreciated...
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