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    Art: Transformers 2 and Infamous update 12-11


    Hi guys! If you haven't seen already I'm gonna be part of a great and enlightening round table discussion tomorrow at 11am PST. I'll be showing some of my work, discussing my process, and...
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    Art: sparth 2010 - big update march 26 (page4)

    edite march 26, 2010:
    i am changing the thread name to "sparth 2010".
    will update this thread for finished works from now on.

    hi all!

    sitll regularly popping back into the stream.
    this time...
  3. Art: RTS game Stormrise concept arts (update 10/02/2010)

    Hi guys I have just finished a RTS game called Stormrise which is for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, I will show all my concepts gradually in this thread for that game. Critiques are very welcome. If you want...
  4. Art: Yet another CA nooblet (Update pg 9! Game Art & Sketches)

    Hey CA.Org!
    Ive been lurking around this site for god knows how many years.
    Im finally at a point where im ready to shop my work to companies and im hoping for the best.
    I thought id go ahead and...
  5. Art: Great stuff. I love the first character. Great...

    Great stuff. I love the first character. Great details. I have a question though.

    Why is the character's face purple/blue while his hands are more brown and his neck is a warmer shade of...
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