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  1. Making Of Eva Kedves' 'Hidden Passage' image

    Find out how Eva Kedves used a combination of original painting and photo manipulation to create this beautiful matte painting.
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    Making Of Li Biao's 'Mega Girl' image

    Futuristic and high-tech lighting give this Making Of image a stunning sci-fi look and in this article Li Biao tells us exactly how he achieved his impressive results:
  3. Rendering Video Game Characters in Photoshop by Feng Zhu

    Using exaggerated, video game-style characters, Feng Zhu demonstrates how to render characters with the line drawings still intact:
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    Making of Dominus's 'Nyx' image

    Some artists have a rigid process that they follow for every painting, but some artists start painting and see what happens. This is certainly the case in this Making Of where Dominus talks us...
  5. Texturing Image Breakdown: Street by Richard Tilbury

    Richard Tilbury provides an in-depth texturing breakdown of his street scene, using 3DTotal Textures.
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    Speed Sketching in Photoshop by Ahmed Aldoori

    Ahmed Aldoori gives another unique insight into his painting process with this fascinating 10 minute video.
  7. Custom Brushes Workflow Examples - Part 1 by Matt Kohr

    Custom brushes are powerful digital painting tools and in his latest video tutorial, Matt Kohr looks at how to use them to their full potential....
  8. Making Of Liam Peters's 'Discovering a Muse' image

    Liam Peters gives us a great insight into his general creation process in this Making Of, and shows us a great way of incorporating photo textures into our images....
  9. Making of Jason Seiler's '3324 North Carolina' image

    In this project overview Jason Seiler tells us how he achieved a super realistic look for this fantastic painting and walks us through every step of the creation process.
  10. Making of Jone L. Leung's 'The Confrontation' image

    Jone L. Leung explains to us how he used Photoshop to create this tense confrontation image between man and beast.
  11. Making of Markus Lovadinus's 'Man-Eating Plant' image

    Markus Lovadinus puts a new spin on the man-eating plant in his latest digital piece.
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    Making of Elena Bespalova's 'Dionesis'

    Elena Bespalova talks us through how she gathered inspiration from many sources to create this fantastic Photoshop image...
  13. Making of Jama Jarubaev's 'The Beast' image

    Take a journey with us as Jama Jarubaev tells us how he uses thumbnails and silhouettes to create his image 'The Beast'.
  14. Making of Andreas Rocha's 'Peaceful Day' image

    Inspired by a recent holiday to Scotland, Andreas Rocha decided to create this beautiful scene, using his own reference photos and memories as a starting point.

    - VIEW HERE -
  15. Making of James Wolf Strehle's 'Twisted Room' image

    James Wolf Strehle gives us a unique look at his workflow in the making of his Photoshop digital painting 'Twisted Room'.

    - VIEW HERE -
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    Interview with Kekai Kotaki

    Kekai Kotaki recently took time out from his daily schedule to talk to us about everything from his background in art, how he keeps himself inspired and how to best sample a buffet: - VIEW HERE -
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    Interview with Marek Okon

    In this 3DTotal interview 2D artist Marek Okon shows us some of his fantastic illustrations and talks to the 3DTotal team about his career to date: - VIEW HERE -
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    Making of Frank Hong's "City of Angels" image

    Here you can see how Frank Hong uses Photoshop to create his atmospheric city landscape image "City of Angels": - VIEW HERE -
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    Interview with Rich Anderson

    Digital Painter Rich Anderson tells us a bit about his techniques, working on the Guild Wars 2 project and much more in this 3DTotal interview.

    - VIEW HERE -
  20. Making of Nicolas Francoeur's "The Antagonist" image

    This Photoshop-based Making Of comes from 2D Artist Nicolas Francoeur, who shows us how he produced his image "The Antagonist" - VIEW HERE -
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    3DTotal interview with Jason Chan

    After receiving requests for us to interview this guy it was only right that we did. So here, by popular demand, is 3DTotal's interview with Jason Chan - VIEW HERE -
  22. Making of Seyyed Ghassem Farhany's "Eastern Dragon Rider" image

    Seyyed Ghassem Farhany's Photoshop Making Of takes a look at the process used for the creation of his digital painting "Eastern Dragon Rider" - VIEW HERE -
  23. Making of Adrian Baluta's "By the Sea" image

    In this Making Of check out Adrian Baluta's digital painting "By the Sea" which has been created using Photoshop. - VIEW HERE -
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    Chain Mail Painting Tutorial by Daarken

    Digital painter Daarken brings us another Photoshop tutorial, this time showing us how to paint chain mail. - VIEW HERE -
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