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  1. show me your pitch and I'll show you my terms, ok?

    I was illustrating Pulp Detective and so anything like that would be good to do but will look at any paying projects.
    Here's my folio site-
    Here's a couple of examples-
    my CA...
  2. Hi Leandor, I would like the opportunity to...

    Hi Leandor, I would like the opportunity to produce your bold art packaging. Here's 3 previous concepts of my packaging...
  3. Last job was illustrating for Pulp Detective ...

    ... a boys monthly magazine which unfortunately is now defunct. Here are a few examples -
    I loved illustrating in this gritty style as it shows those raw gangster times of...
  4. 168697616869781686981 ...


    Thanks, Jason.
  5. illustrator 15+ yrs freelance wants something bit different

    Am available for paid work so Checkout my MY SITE!!-
    will provide you with all you need to know about my biz, what i've done and for whom.
    Heres some samples of commissioned work:
    434828 T-Shirts...
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