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  1. Design Lab Episode 11 - Gun Tech [youtube activity]

    Time for another episode. This is the entry thread for submitting designs/thumbnails.

    Here's the primer video:

    I recommend making a lot but only sharing the small...
  2. Replies

    Painting Fundamentals Video

    Hey all you painters out there,
    I had some requests to put a video together covering some basics. It's just a 10 minute YouTube video quickly covering some of what I consider to be the essentials...
  3. Tutorial: How to make a Sketchbook from A cereal box!!

    edit: sorry for all the spelling mistakes. that's what insomnia does to you ;p

    Ok--I could not find a tutorial here, and I saw some threads where people were curious as to how to make your own...
  4. Art: I just ate a great cheese and onion sandwich...

    Nothing else quite hits the spot for me. I'm a recent convert to grated, rather than sliced, cheese and that extra surface area really makes a difference. I much prefer red onions to white, and I...
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