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  1. SketchBook: Quickie

    I know I skipped over uploading a few things, but I'll get those in my next push when I do a huge batch of scans for my lifedrawing class portfolio.

    i am updating because i am pretty excited about...
  2. SketchBook: Midterm Portfolio Part II

    Here is some more of my Life Drawing class Midterm Portfolio...

    I particularly like the gesture on the right. using the two colors gave me accurate information as...
  3. SketchBook: Life Drawing Class Portfolio: Midterm, Spring '07

    Hello dear readers (riiiight), here I am with an update to my sketchbook. Since my last post, I have begun a new quarter at school. I have been taking a life drawing class, as well as a...
  4. SketchBook: Anyway, that was character design class. Learned...

    Anyway, that was character design class. Learned a bit about drawing from imagination, accuracy, style, as well as sculpture and environment drawing.

    But I'm really looking forward to doing some...
  5. SketchBook: Character Design Class Part 3: Supplementary Material

    This assignment was supposed to be an inked comic book cover. So naturally I decided to draw the whole thing with a crow quill and ink. What did I learn from this assignment? Well first off,...
  6. SketchBook: Character Design Class Part 2: 2nd Character + 3rd Character Turns

    This second character basically comes directly from Neuromancer. Great book...I really liked the idea of all of these culture types mashed up in a futuristic...
  7. SketchBook: Character Design Class Part 1: Main character turns and poses etc.

    So here is part 1 of my character design class final stuff. This class helped me a lot to learn to draw things from my imagination vs. observational drawing. It helped me know where I stand and how...
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    SketchBook: i love your style

    i love your style <3

    when can we expect to see a DVD?

  9. SketchBook: Omg Update!

    I haven't updated this thing in a while, but a major update is imminent..

    I have been absolutely SWAMPED with assignments in my classes: 2D animation and Character Design. I can't really share my...
  10. SketchBook: Update: 12/7/06

    I haven't updated in a few weeks - no access to a scanner over the holdiays, and I've been otherwise very busy. although i forgot to bring my sketchbook for scanning, here is a rather large lineup of...
  11. SketchBook: Nov 10 '06: Figure and Sketch Update!

    So, I've been drawing a lot. I really want to improve, and I am seeing improvement already! I have been copying a lot of hands out of a little book by George Bridgeman that I randomly found in a tiny...
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    thanks seedling! i have been checking out the...

    thanks seedling! i have been checking out the threads you linked in your sig, and they look most helpful! i think i will start off on some of your assignments!

    i guess what i was asking in my...
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    Design vs. Art Schools

    So, I've been attending Art Institute SF, its more design-centric and career-minded. I am aiming to get into modeling and go from there.

    I have always had a great interest in concept art, but not...
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    SketchBook: have you done any figure drawing? post some life...

    have you done any figure drawing? post some life drawing up here!
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    Sticky: Art: 45111 45112 ------------------------- The...

    The first is a 40 minute pose from about 2-3 weeks ago. the second is a one hour pose from about a week ago. these are the same model! i think the difference...
  16. SketchBook: So, where do I go now? My goals I guess, are to...

    So, where do I go now? My goals I guess, are to improve the accuracy of my observational figure drawing and learn more about anatomy through anatomical studies - especially of the hands and feet,...
  17. SketchBook: raznny: the new CA sketchbook of a latebloomer.

    first off, hello everybody. this is my first post on the concept art forums. why am i here? i wish to improve my artwork as much as possible! i have been aware of this site for at least a few years,...
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