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    Concept artist looking for work /MB

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    SketchBook: Michel's Sketchbook
  3. Some people are the worst human beings on earth...

    Some people are the worst human beings on earth on the internet.
  4. Why are people rude? And this would no one do to...

    Why are people rude? And this would no one do to me in real life, especially a girl like you TinyBird. I'm not an aspberger. I just want to give this a chance but now I know that no one can edit...
  5. Yes, but I rarely go out and I want to draw...

    Yes, but I rarely go out and I want to draw fantasy things. And this is not a bull-serpent mutant. It is a naga acting like a matador prince, eating the flowers and joking around with the bull.

  6. Mod, please lock this thread. Thanks.

    Mod, please lock this thread. Thanks.
  7. Newbie wanting to get better with this example

    Hi. Please nothing destructive saying that I suck or something. Only constructive. I made a large image of it so I can understand you guys better. Drawing on it so I can see from reference would be a...
  8. Willing to work for free for more experience

    Skype: mrsagil
    E-mail: dahkar[at]msn[dot]com
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    Hire me before I go freelancing

    I have gotten better and better and I think I am at the point where I can volunteer for things (but with share profit) that people don't have money to spend on artists.

    The art below are better...
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    [Offered] 3d modeler

    I can only do models. I can not texture, rig and animate. So I guess I will have to do this without getting paid. But getting paid would be nice.

    E-mail: d a h k a...
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    Is my cable broken or my tablet?

    I can't put the cable into the tablet anymore. It's really weird it worked fine before and then it just popped out and now it's not working anymore. Please, help me fast. I practically can't draw...
  12. Newbie artist looking for anything (for free)

    Hi. I'd like to become a better drawer and make my portfolio bigger. If there is anyone willing to help me or invite me to a team/collab so I can be more ambitious with my drawings, I'd be a very...
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    Amateur artist looking for writer... start a comic book. I'm not that good. But I'd like to draw for a comic book.

    e-mail me at d a h k a r (at) m s n . c o m
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