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  1. SketchBook: new acrylic painting

    A Scenery--- A farmer and his lone sheep. :)

    I am calling it- THE VIEW ----:)

  2. SketchBook: new art work-

    This my recent foray into traditional painting-
    knife painting (oils)


    acrylic painting

  3. Poll: Oh and My vote goes to Defiledvisions, whose...

    Oh and My vote goes to Defiledvisions, whose entry was my favourite from the moment I laid eyes on his WIPs.
    Congratulations Defiledvisions. :)
  4. Poll: Si Swe & Rob Powell & ninety9 Wow. All your...

    Si Swe & Rob Powell & ninety9
    Wow. All your comments are spot on. I did exactly those things. I actually painted the image by hand, using photo colours(water based) and then took it to photoshop...
  5. Question

    @Si_Swe: In light of what you said- I prepared this collage of images for my final entry--- Could you please tell me if this violates any rules and whether it is admissible as my final entry...:)
  6. WOW

    Dude--- This is awesome man--- I love yours-- It rocks-- It's red hot and rocky!!! Rock on!!! :) \m/
  7. A Doubt

    @Si_Swe: How binding is the only 1 image rule? Can I put in say two or three together- and make that my final?
  8. Poll: Artist: Hari Gopinathan Concept: Pyronis...

    Artist: Hari Gopinathan

    Concept: Pyronis Petrosaurus

    Pyronis Petrosaurus is a fire breathing creature. Crazy amounts of heat are created within it, during the acidic reactions that help it...
  9. Rock munchin detail

    @Cake89- like this new sketch way more than the old one. But I think, the end of the tail looks too heavy for the creature to be able to lift it up that high. You might wanna rethink that.

  10. SketchBook: Creature plus some enviro

    Will make adjustments depending on time :)
    Also plan to put in some details of him crushin rocks with his triple jaw!!! :)

  11. Creature plus some enviro

    @Rob Powell Thanks for the comments. But I had already gone ahead with this one, so I am posting it anyway, :)
    I might make some changes depending on time.
    Planning to put in some details of the...
  12. SketchBook: Wow-- So Awesome!!! Also, Thanks for all the tips.

    Wow-- So Awesome!!! Also, Thanks for all the tips.
  13. SketchBook: COW 211 WIP

    I am back- after so very long

    This is my WIP for COW-211
    did this with water based photo ink. and later touched it up a lil with Photoshop

  14. Its been a long time-

    Its been almost a year since i posted here.
    This awesome topic inspired me to break the spell and take part.
    Its only my second COW attempt.
    So here is my first WIP.

    Do tell me what u guys...
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    SketchBook: Nice stuff man

    I like your stuff and as i have said earlier, ur comic was awesome--i forgot to mention that it was well written too.

    And its cool to see that you are doing life drawing,
    But i would also like...
  16. SketchBook: update on the 5 stars cover

    cudnt finish it--but its next on ma --finish ASAP--list :)
  17. SketchBook: my POW 39 entry



  18. My entry--

    Ilaekae- late though it is---I hope you will consider my entry for the poll.
    I had most part of it ready before the deadline- but got swamped with work in the end,.


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    Poll: All these entries are really ****in awesome...

    All these entries are really ****in awesome !!!!!!!!!!1
    There s very little to choose between each of these.
    My personal favourites that I didnt vote for are SkorpiWaterbird and Kyurai Really...
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    Poll: Razorleaf I am so flattered that someone actually...

    Razorleaf I am so flattered that someone actually voted for mine. Thank you soooooooooooooo much. And thanx a lot for calling it classic. You have really boosted my morale. ...
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    Thanks for the encouragement

    Attorney Thanks for saying that my work was coming along well. :sungod: And yeah--- I really wanted to be a part---but like u said---real life didnt let that happen!!!

    Nike Thank you so much. I...
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    I really wanted to take part in this challenge and even had done the inks fer two covers---but alas----i am going on a 2 week long trip---and wont be able to work on the rest... So here is a half...
  23. SketchBook: SHADOWS

    This is the cover I drew for another theme from POW 36 (FIVE COVERS)---called SHADOWS
  24. SketchBook: Thats one Awesome complement GoGoJojo. And...

    Thats one Awesome complement GoGoJojo. And yeah---the archer is actually inspired from SHAFT!!!(Created by liefeld- i believe) So thanx a lot fer that complement!!! Made my day:sungod:
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    Another 1

    Finished inking my 2nd one.

    I am just trying to get all the inking for all the covers done.

    Thinking of doing digital colouring this time. Cos it might be faster than hand rendering ( like I...
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