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    Portrait Drawing Tutorial

    Hi All, i have a PDF of the Portrait tutorial however its just too big to put straight on here, so i have put it on zshare so you can download it.. its only 2.17mb but CA is 2.00mb at its maximum.
  2. Sticky: Anatomy Compilation Thread - 4 Tutorials (updated nov-24-09)

    This thread is dedicated to tutorials which are anatomy based and includes both tutorials that are comprehensive, and those that just touch on the subject.

    Anatomy Process: "Figure Drawing"...
  3. ok boys and girls, here is my best shot at a...

    ok boys and girls, here is my best shot at a tutorial for a cube, let me know if anything doesnt make sense and I'll try and edit it. kinda long I know but this was the best I could do and still try...
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    Sticky: Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

    ...Barcsay, Perard, Moses artistic anatomies; Rockwell, Dore, Kollwitz biographies, ebook editions of old books illustrated by Wyeth, Pyle, Rackham, Crane ..; letters of Michelangelo, Van Gogh, .. ;...
  5. Anatomy Process: "Figure Drawing" Includes Downloadable PDF

    (This is an edited version of the thread originally posted here. Comments and questions can be left in the original thread)

    You can now download a PDF here...
  6. Head Tutorial 2

    Woohoo, I am back up. I hate it when the sight goes down like that. Time to call Tom for sure. Oh, Tom, I have pages being built too, so I will give you things...I just need to get em...hopefully...
  7. Anatomy Process: "Drawing the Head with FredFlickstone"

    EDIT: by MikeCorriero
    " I think this was a double post of the african male head tutorial.. and I can't for the life of me find the original post for this second head drawing tutorial I have by Ron...
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    Anatomy Studies Demo: "Figure Studies"

    Here are some in class demos I did for my class and some old portrait studies.




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