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    SketchBook: Yogurt's NEW STUFF!! :D

    here some new stuff, it's for my class. I'm studying Houdini atm.. and trying different styles :P
  2. SketchBook: new Thread

    yah i've got a new thread for some more work it's 'SCANNED!!' hehe so yah it's under "yogurts NEW STUFF!!!" so if u have a chance take a peak when ever later lads thnx for the advice :)
  3. SketchBook: Background stuff

    yah srry about... :P my next thingys will be better presented!
  4. SketchBook: Piccies!! :d

    heres some piccies, u should i should post a new thread or just continue using this one..? to show my stuff..?
  5. SketchBook: I LUV U MOYSTURF.... something hehe

    K will do thnx heaps man, SO SIMPLE!!@! gah! pics comin soon!..
  6. WOw such good work... it makes me wanna cry......

    WOw such good work... it makes me wanna cry... WAAAHHH!!!
  7. SketchBook: I'm a NEWB!! this is my first post ever on a website!!

    i don't know jack about operating this website and posting stuff anyway, i discovered this site and everyone has really cool stuff and seems really nice and helps each other out, THAT ROCKS!! so i'm...
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