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    downloading link lost

    Hi! I have a quick question about the downloads.

    Never mind, I'm an idiot. My download link timed out before I could complete my download, and I couldn't find it again. I finally went through...
  2. Thanks, Hive! Wow, I would have never found that...

    Thanks, Hive! Wow, I would have never found that link on my own. I noticed the seller is MassiveBlack, should I have looked in their store first perhaps? I know the two companies have a heck of a...
  3. so confused..!

    I'm pretty new to this site all in all, and to tell the truth, it's so big that I have no idea what direction is up or down here. :[ While I understand a little bit about the streaming classes,...
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    Art thievery and copyright

    This link was posted on one of the blogs I look at periodically, and I was stunned. A man is being sued to have his copyright overturned so a mass-manufacturer can continue to plagiarize his work -...
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