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    Art: Another One

    Hey everyone,

    Well, I'm not entirely sure of how I feel about this one, it kind of came out of nowhere, which usually doesn't happen with my planned-to-the-last-detail pictures.
    I wanted to do...
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    Art: Hello everyone! Thank you for looking,...

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for looking, hopefully I'll have some more up soon!
    So here we go:

    Kittywolf - Thanks! I hope I can see my pictures in novel form soon, ha-ha.
    Gavman - Yes, it's...
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    Art: New One...Just One

    Hello everybody,

    Well it's been a while, but I managed to make one little picture worthy enough to be seen by you kind folks.

    Ok, everybody go nuts.
  4. Art: love that winged guy. lovely dark rich textures,...

    love that winged guy. lovely dark rich textures, skinless zombies and teeth. ;)
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    Art: ...


    My god it's NC Wyeth reborn...
    (as if everyone prior-to hasn't said it enough).^^
  6. SketchBook: Chanur and friends

    Hi, masque

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one I know who's read the Chanur saga now.

    "have you perhaps seen Michael Whelan's covers for a couple of the books? his work is so definitive,...
  7. Art: Notes

    Hello, everyone.

    lol. A website is currently under construction. Should have it up in a while (a while as in a couple of months).
    So that will be good.

    And thanks again, any and every kind...
  8. Art: Here comes more...!

    Hello, everyone.

    Awesome. Thankyou guys for your feedback and critiques.
    (...I keep asking myself why I didn't join CA earlier....^_^)

    Anyhow, here are some more recent pictures.
    (and now...
  9. Art: Questions on Pictures

    Hello, everyone.

    All of the images are watercolor and marker, with bits of acrylic.

    That's certainly something I've been learning over the past few months, to stop thinking in terms of...
  10. Art: Paradise Lost

    Hello, everyone.

    Elwell was good to point out the strange character designs for the Paradise Lost images (those top two ones).

    You see, when I read the book, I was amazed by how easily the...
  11. Art: More Things

    Hello, everyone.

    As promised, here are more pictures:
  12. Art: A Little Explanation

    Hello, everyone.

    Those top two pictures are character designs for some of the demons from Milton's Paradise Lost.
    And the last one is a picture of a couple of characters from my own stories.
  13. Art: Hello, New here...Here Are Some Pictures

    Hello, everyone.

    Here's some pictures for you to look at:
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    Some Things

    Hello, everyone.

    New here, but here's some stuff anyhow.

    Thanks for looking/critiquing.
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