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    Commissions running at $15!

    Offering $15 commissions between now & the end of the year! Single character minimal background. Any subject.

    Payments via paypal please.
  2. Huge commissions sale for 1 week! ONLY $20!

    Good through July 6, I am doing full color single character minimal background commissions, any subject matter!

    $20 per commission payable through paypal please.
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    Commission sale for rest of year!

    For rest of the year, I'm offering commissions as much as $30 off!
    Please check my agent's page at the following link.
    Sale prices are already...
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    Commissions sale for the holidays!

    From Oct 28-Dec 1st commission prices for the Holidays:
    character no bg full color: $45
    Character w/ bg: $55
    additional characters $5 each character
    Coloring existing artwork: $20
  5. available for illustration & commissions!

    I'm currently taking commission orders for drawings, paintings, etc. The topic and genre is completely up to you. I'm open, but hold the right to decide to turn down the commission. I will do cover...
  6. It was the monitor. Thanks!! There's NO way I...

    It was the monitor. Thanks!! There's NO way I would have figured that out!

  7. Major Photoshop rotation problem- please help!!!

    I've had this MAJOR problem start up for me in Photoshop 7.0 & I don't know how to fix it. I might've accidently hit a hot key or something.

    I did try to reinstall 7.0 but it didn't help.

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    The search is closed. No more submission are...

    The search is closed. No more submission are needed Thanks to everyone who shared their work!!
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    Comic artist needed- Paradise Lost

    I'm playing editor/ art director on a proposal project based off of John Milton's Paradise Lost.

    We seek an artist of very good quality who can pencil & ink their own work. We prefer artists with...
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    If you look through forums, teh MAJORITY of ads...

    If you look through forums, teh MAJORITY of ads seeking comic artists don't pay at ALL and offer back end pay if the book only makes a profit. That's the state of the industry in comics these days....
  11. artist - comics, illustration, concepts, logo & web design

    I'm Blake Wilkie a full-time freelance artist with over 15 years experience in comics and illustration. I have over 8 years experience in web design and Photoshop, as well as 5 years experience...
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