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  1. Realism vs construction(a guide to choosing the right art education)

    Regarding fine art. (Figure drawing/painting, still life, sculpture)

    Today it is extremly confusing to choose what kind of art school to attend - but it seems like all schools and ateliers in...
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    Words of Wisdom from Jason Manley

    There's an otherwise useless thread in the Lounge that's been closed, but it contained this post from Jason that I thought shouldn't slip into obscurity. So here it is:
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    Sticky: Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

    ...Barcsay, Perard, Moses artistic anatomies; Rockwell, Dore, Kollwitz biographies, ebook editions of old books illustrated by Wyeth, Pyle, Rackham, Crane ..; letters of Michelangelo, Van Gogh, .. ;...
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