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    Go and comment on other people's SBs. A lot of...

    Go and comment on other people's SBs. A lot of them will reply. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is the norm. It's worth getting to now a few people at the same standard/learning curve as you...
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    'The Secret to Composition' tutorial

    Exasperated by composition tutorials that go on about the rule of thirds but don't explain why it works (or even that much detail how to use it), I decided to make my own.

    This should be...
  3. Art: What Does A Successful Concept Art Portfolio Look Like?

    Taken from the BioWare Post

    What You Need

    To be a Concept Artist for the games industry, you need the following:

    IMAGINATION if you don't have this as a foundation, you will never draw...
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    Sticky: SketchBook: Rules for Sketchbooks

    Rules for Sketchbooks:

    1) Being racy is fine, but please don't try to be offensive.
    2) Don't make "bogus" posts that are meant to "bump" your thread to the top of the list. We want art.
    3) When...
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